Thursday, September 20, 2012

Shilobug And Family: 57 Day Photo Challenge: Day 16 - Sept. 19

So I'm quite a bit behind, but instead of bombarding you with a whole bunch of entries - I decided to just start from here and continue on...


When I read the topic for this day, one person really jumped out at me. It is Eric's mom, my mother-in-law.

From the get-go she was always trying to help. Once Eric and I made the decision to get married she did all she could to help us get to that point. They gave us a place to live (their basement) and charged very little rent. ?

I've watched how each of her boys can easily talk to her about the going on's in their lives and she offers advice (when needed) without criticizing their choices. She's never judged a person harshly outloud (I'm sure she's human and she's thought things many times).?

After living with them for a year or so, I got more of a glimpse of the person she is. It didn't really come full throttle until we ended up living back in the basement of their new home (after Lex was born) for awhile that I really got to know her.

She is the greatest Visiting Teacher a person could ask for. She constantly makes sure the ladies she visits are doing well and takes time to visit with them and take meals at times they need it. I remember one time when we thought?Nathaniel might decide to grace us with his presence and so we were staying with her for a couple days. During this period she not only cared for me and my family, she made a meal for one of her ladies as well. She NEVER stops. If she can help someone she will.

She's come after the birth of Nate and Ailey for a couple days just to help me get into the new swing of things and she cleans my house and keeps the family fed. While on vacation 2 summers ago I watched her and her mom constantly serving everyone else. They were both on their feet pretty much from sun up to sun down.

I've seen her strength of character lately with issues surrounding the family. She is so easy to talk to and I love that I can go to her whenever I need someone to vent to.

I always heard stories of how mother in laws are the awful, horrible people and that so isn't the case with me. I was so blessed to have Shirley in my life and I pray that I can be the same type of person to the girls my boys choose as she's been to me.

And yes, there are very few pictures of the 2 of us together - one or the other of us is usually behind the camera!


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