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Wednesday, May 30, 2012 ? Blog Archive ? Online marketing Working ...

Online marketing classes might be expensive making a large indent with your finances. What this means is many individuals never ever learn to market place effectively on the web. These unfortunate people struggle by themselves, hoping they certainly the right thing yet never ever gain a good living.

That?s the reason why often there is an instant reply to a great free internet marketing program.
Reactions will come through all over:

Your ?average Joe? that has always wanted to figure out how to marketplace on the web yet cannot afford the top training fees

People with present businesses that know they have to increase their internet marketing strategy

Individuals who dream about owning an an online success organization

Internet training companies

People that don?t believe anything at all free is worth carrying out

Some individuals is going to be sceptical initially. ?Is no cost education value performing?Inches
It is factual that several free courses are bad, even so, there are also very good totally free website marketing classes accessible.
What to consider in a free website marketing training program?
Make sure that the world wide web training program addresses a good number regarding subjects:

Leads generation and simple, duplicatable marketing techniques

Support choosing excellent auto-responders along with web-hosting that won?t break your budget

Methods from the business (Catch internet pages, developing your current optin list and many others)

The best way to develop relationships as well as have confidence in

The best way to develop an influx of money

Precisely what is attraction marketing and advertising?

A world wide web training give-away which has these matters will certainly fit any person : brand new home based online marketers and also skilled entrepreneurs.

Ahead of virtually any free of charge advertising study course can be stated to tick every one of the containers, seek out these items:

Could be the affiliate marketing coaching actually totally free?

Will this article provide real data with regard to web entrepreneurs?

May be the training course manage simply by real instructors?

Can the world wide web training course inform, re-focus and inspire?

Look out for good comments coming from previous attendees. That?s a very good from the course high quality.

If you need to improve your internet marketing simply by performing no cost training and then take them into consideration appropriately. Usually do not spend time over a poor study course.
Thus don?t forget, you don?t need to to travel around the costly education path to learn how to make money online.
Another thing is certain, a good net training course will add easier web entrepreneurs for the developing quantities currently building a very good dwelling for the Web.

eMarketSchool is a great place to learn internet marketing.

In order to learn more go to people below : learn affiliate marketing

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Worth a lifetime indeed | Manipal Dubai Blog

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EU Cookie Laws - Small Business Trends

Privacy advocates? in the European Union insist they serve the public interest, but critics say Internet cookie laws that became enforceable over the weekend will make things tougher for website operators and users alike.

The laws require websites owned by European companies and accessible to European audiences? to provide information about the use of tracking technology on the site and the purpose of that technology. Websites also must allow visitors to choose whether or not to be tracked. ?Sites are starting to add pop-up messages asking visitors to opt in or?specifically?consent to cookies.

The laws apply to European companies and their websites (and arguably some large multi-national corporations). ?If yours is a small business in the United States, your site probably is NOT subject to the cookie law. ?Still you should be aware of the issue. ?Let?s take a deeper dive to sort out what this issue is all about ? who it impacts and who it doesn?t:

What?s It All About?

Is your site illegal in Europe? As of May 26, 2012 every Website available to European visitors and owned by European companies must follow the EU E-Privacy Directive passed in 2011. This means sites must notify users that tracking technology is being used, the reason for that technology, and must allow visitors to give their consent before the technology is used. Sitepoint

The problem with the new cookie laws. If you want to know how difficult the new EU tracking regulations are to follow, you should be aware that not even big EU institutions like the European Parliament and the European Commission can get it right. While all other Website owners are expected to sit up and take notice, these institutions aren?t even in compliance. ZDNet

What Britons need to know. Each of the EU?s member states has the responsibility of implementing its own version of the legislation upholding the EU?s E-Privacy Directive. In the UK, Website owners were required to be in compliance with the new law by last Saturday, but many are not. If you are among them, here?s what you should know. CNet

Reality Check

The average UK site does plenty of tracking. About a month before so-called UK cookie laws were scheduled to be enforceable, research showed the average UK site uses 14 tracking devices to collect user data, and about 68 percent of that data is being sent to a third party.

Some British startups say they won?t comply. An interview with some UK startups just ahead of the weekend activation of the UK?s version of the EU E-Privacy Directive indicates many plan to ignore the new law. Startups believe the new legislation will cost them revenue, sales, and resources, putting them at a disadvantage against competitors outside the European Union. Gigaom

What You Can Do?

Advice for small-business website owners. Focusing on the UK version of the ?cookies? law, business consultant Megan Heaney shares some thoughts on what the law could really mean to small businesses and what she and her clients are doing to comply with the new regulations. Twiggal

A peek at one disclosure page. With the new EU ?cookie? regulations coming up to strength, here?s a look at one way to clearly stipulate how site owners are tracking data from visitors, and what is being done with that data. Will this kind of disclosure page keep your business out of trouble? SportsMole

Could it mean the death of the Web? Well, there might not be a reason to get that dramatic, but Shaina Boon argues the new rules won?t be good for anyone. They will make it harder for Website owners to improve their products and services by not allowing the collection of data necessary for innovation. ?And on behalf of companies in the United States she poses the question: ?will the U.S. follow suit and implement a similar law? ?Ad Age Digital

All About Cookies. For more information about cookies, visit All About Cookies.

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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Classic Cars Collection: Insurance rates with respect to car types

A large number of drivers usually get surprised when they learn about different insurance rates for different car types. They think that it doesn't matter whether it's a small car or a hot rod as long as they have a good driving record and don't get in trouble in traffic. With all that, insurance companies have a different perspective on things and they will charge you with different premiums depending on the type of car you're trying to insure. That's why you should always bear in mind the following characteristics of each car type and make your decisions correctly if you want your auto insurance budget to be limited:

Small vehicles
Small sized vehicles are usually very affordable and rather comfortable in the conditions of a big city with heavy traffic. They typically have low engine volumes, top speed, get stolen quite rarely and are inexpensive to handle at repair. Even so, auto insurance can be a bit expensive for small cars because they tend to get damaged very bad during accidents. Basic physics aren't on small cars' side during collisions because the smaller object tends to get the most damage regardless of the safety features the manufacturer has included. That's why costly claims tend to arise more often with such vehicles, and the insurers respond with respective pricing.

Mid-sized cars
Mid-class vehicles are often considered to be the safest and the cheapest to insure. Naturally, it depends on the particular make and model, but the in general these cars are quite safe, have low repair costs and theft rates, and tend to get damaged much less than smaller vehicles during an accident. That is why you will usually get the best auto insurance rates for this car type.

Large cars, trucks and SUVs that fall into the same size category are certainly very comfortable and give you a whole different perspective in traffic. But the size can be a problem with these vehicles. Due to their increased mass as compared to other vehicle types SUVs tend to produce more damage during accidents, especially involving other cars. Third party liability claims with SUVs are likely to be higher because the other car tends to get damaged quite bad and there are likely to be injuries as well. Added to the higher repair costs for such vehicles SUVs are usually more expensive to insure.

Sports vehicles
Fast sports cars often look like a great option for car buyers since they are both cool and cheap. However, when it comes to insuring a typical sports car, you will actually have a hard time getting cheap auto insurance because insurers tend to classify such cars as high risk. High top speed, engine volume, elevated theft and accident rates as well as the likelihood to produce a very serious car crash all contribute to expensive auto insurance rates for sports vehicles.

Expensive cars
It may look natural for expensive cars to be costly in terms of insurance. But it has nothing to do with their initial price as there are other reasons to charge higher rates for such vehicles. First of all, they are usually very costly to repair, often requiring exclusive and overpriced repair parts that are hard to find in an ordinary repair shop. Besides, such vehicles are often targeted by car thieves and burglars due to their value and exclusivity. That's why getting cheap auto insurance for any luxury car is problematic.

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Gain What You Want From Life With EFT Tapping | Acupuncture ...

EFT having more than enough ? Gain What You Want From Life with EFT TappingJust about everybody wants positive things in their life. It is one reason why the world is filled with things like self-Help novels, Simple steps, Positive life coaching workshops, Affirmations and a host of other techniques and sstems for creating many techniques from weight loss to monetary prosperity. To the, For some people no matter they do they seem to fall short of the ideal perfectly positive life where everything flows and is right with the world.
For people with not experienced the joys of a fully positive life and who perhaps constantly deal with a barrage of Why Me or perhaps feel as if they are constantly at odds with the world having to fight for every bit of positive outcome EFT Tapping may help to provide a unique solution. People often do not realize how much they ignore as for emotions. They cave to the provocations of society and repress anything, Which does not need to conform. The basis behind tapping and EFT abundance is startlingly simple. Most people are familiar with acupuncture. The concept behind this different medicinal practice is that there is energy flowing through the body, Illness is the result of a block in the flow of that energy. In acupuncture needles are used and graded at the meridian points of the body. This practice was designed to, The theory is that, Break up the particular block and allow the action of the body to flow freely. Tapping is additional hitting pressure points randomly with fingers in order to help facilitate the breaking of negative energy and allow the body to rebalance itself. When an individual who is looking to bring abundance or prosperity into their lives says an affirmation or writes out a goal; If they truly believe that it is achievable to achieve this goal, Then emotionally just about every flinching. In order to move on from a particular emotional event and deal with those emotions without permitting them to affect the outcome of a situation a practitioner must first look at, Acknowledge and then choose to move on from the unique thoughts and emotions being generated. They acknowledge these feelings and thoughts by going for voice either in their heads or aloud while tapping on specific points. They make certain you add a positive spin. An example would be setting a goal and have that flinch say it isn?t feasible. This helps to boost the new thoughts and counteract the old negative patterns. Often these patterns and system is set from childhood.

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Palestinian electoral officials in Gaza

(AP) ? Palestinian election officials from the West Bank have arrived in the Gaza Strip to prepare the way for long-overdue elections, a key step toward repairing a five-year rift between the two territories.

Delegation official Jamil al-Khaldi says his team entered the territory Monday to update voter records. He says they will need at least six weeks in Gaza to carry out the mission. The hope is to hold new elections within six months.

Gaza and the West Bank have been divided between two governments since Hamas militants seized Gaza five years ago from President Mahmoud Abbas' forces. Abbas now governs in the West Bank.

The rivals agreed this month to form a technocrat unity government until elections are held. Similar agreements have failed in the past.

Associated Press

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Celia Larkin: Sinn Fein takes aim and continues its military-like assault on State power

I've been to many an ard fheis. All Fianna Fail ones, of course. But somehow I thought that Sinn Fein's would be different.

The similarity, familiarity even, of the surrounding, the backdrops, posters, passes, information points -- even the structure of the event -- were eerily the same.

The difference lay in the precision about the organisation of this ard fheis, which made you feel as if you were at a military conference. Every entrance from the sprawling maze that houses the conference centre in Killarney had a checkpoint. No matter how many times you passed in and out of the main area, no matter how familiar you became with the personnel manning the checkpoints, your belongings were always searched. There was no room for error.

Checkpoints aside, one felt that there was a concerted effort to be mainstream. Little reference to the 'Troubles' other than the visuals in the hunger-strike exhibition housed on the first floor. The northern conflict has been consigned to history.

Reconciliation and relationship-building in the march towards a united Ireland are the order of the day, with Martin McGuinness's address outlining the conciliatory advances made towards an inclusive debate with unionists in the North.

However, the conciliatory tone stopped short of extending to the governing parties in the South.

Like a hunter watching its prey and identifying the weakest quarry in the pack, Martin Ferris in his opening speech pounced on the Labour Party for its part in the savage spending cuts that have affected every working-class and middle-class home. There was a sense of, "we've dealt with Fianna Fail, now let's move on to our next target".

Despite the similarity to Fianna Fail in the structure of the party and indeed the structure of the ard fheis itself, there was an undercurrent that I couldn't quite put my finger on. Deference to individuals I didn't recognise. In fact, there was a distinct lack of attention paid by the delegates to most of the elected and publicly recognisable individuals in the party.

Apart from Ferris and McGuinness, who were most definitely serious power brokers, the other public representatives were left, for the most part, to their own devices.

No handshaking. No backslapping. No clamouring for photos to show the family back home. They were, to all intent and purposes, treated as just more cogs in the wheel of a well-oiled machine.

You had to be in the know to know who was who and the few individuals that commanded respect and merited accompaniment by 'the boys' were not instantly recognisable to an outsider like me.

The opening session on Friday night had an air of a party at ease with itself. On the lawn outside, the party leader, Gerry Adams, flanked by Martin Ferris and Mary Lou McDonald, sweated in the blazing sunshine while fielding questions about his leadership and launching the perfunctory attack on the Taoiseach for not succumbing to pressure for a leaders' debate on the Stability Treaty.

However, his controlled veneer did slip for one significant second when he irritably snapped that he would decide when to step down as party leader. He intended on staying until after 2016.

Democracy is self-evidently new to him -- "tiocfaidh ar la" -- in the sense that succeeding to the leadership didn't seem to be something the bright younger folk could aspire to until Gerry was good and finished with the position. Which wasn't going to happen until after the anniversary of 1916.

According to the party stalwart stewarding the ard comhairle elections, the leadership is a position to which a person is elected by the party membership. So Gerry Adams was squarely in the wrong position when he treated it as a personal entitlement. He was fast, though, and recovered himself almost immediately with the addendum: "The party and I will know when it's the right time for me to leave". This was in deference to the fact that it's not actually his call.

It's been a while since I've come face to face with Gerry Adams but he seems to have lost some of his sharpness. The surefootedness I witnessed during the peace process is now sporadic, rather than constant. In sharp contrast, Martin McGuinness has lost none of his awareness, instinct and perspicacity.

In the conference hall itself, the order of the day was to build the party at all costs. I spoke to one young man who had just joined the party.

"Why Sinn Fein?" I asked.

"I like their policies," he said confidently.

"Like what?" I asked. "Which Sinn Fein policy do you like best?"

He fumbled his way into a brief silence. "I just can't stand any of the other parties," he eventually said, oblivious to the fact that he personifies the threat to all of those other parties.

Disenchantment, rather than policy, can be a great recruiting officer and that's confirmed by today's opinion poll. Given its much improved showing, Sinn Fein could have been forgiven for showing a little triumphalism.

However, there were no jubilant displays and no self-congratulations. Just an easy optimism and a confident certainty as they went about their business of picking off their prey and mopping up disenchanted voters with military precision.

On a lighter note and in keeping with the military theme, I smiled to myself when I heard one guy on the door say: "Just show your passes, lads, and shoot straight through." If Labour doesn't get its act together soon it will be the next party to be shot through.

One down, one to go ...

Yes, the Sinn Fein Ard Fheis had a lot that was familiar about it. But at the same time, it was oh so very different. It was the ard fheis of a party ready to take the next hill. Up and over -- and into power within a decade.

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Blast rocks Kenyan capital, at least 28 hurt

[ [ [['Connery is an experienced stuntman', 2]], '', '[Slideshow: See photos taken on the way down]', ' ', '630', ' ', ' ', ], [ [['Connery is an experienced stuntman', 7]], '', '[Slideshow: Death-defying daredevils]', ' ', '630', ' ', ' ', ], [ [['know that we have confidence in', 3]], ' ', '[Related: The Secret Service guide to Cartagena]', ' ', '630', ' ', ' ', ], [ [['We picked up this other dog and', 5]], '', '[Related: 8 common dog fears, how to calm them]', ' ', '630', ' ', ' ', ], [ [['accused of running a fake hepatitis B', 5]], '', '[Related: Did WH share raid details with filmmakers?]', ' ', '630', ' ', ' ', ], [ [['accused of running a fake hepatitis B', 3]], '', '[Factbox: AQAP, al-Qaeda in Yemen]', ' ', '630', ' ', ' ', ], [ [['have my contacts on or glasses', 3]], '', '[Related: Should the murder charge be dropped?]', ' ', '630', ' ', ' ', ], [ [['have made this nation great as Sarah Palin', 5]], '', '[Related: Bristol Palin reality show debuts June 19]', ' ', '630', ' ', ' ', ], [ [['have made this nation great as Sarah Palin', 1]], '', '[Related: McCain adviser who vetted Palin weighs in on VP race]', ' ', '630', ' ', ' ', ], [ [['A JetBlue flight from New York to Las Vegas', 3]], '', '[Related: View photos of the JetBlue plane in Amarillo]', ' ', '630', ' ', ' ', ], [ [['the 28-year-old neighborhood watchman who shot and killed', 15]], '', 'Click image to see more photos', '', '630', ' ', 'AP', ], [ [['Titanic', 7]], '', ' ', '', '550', ' ', ' ', ], [ [['He was in shock and still strapped to his seat', 6]], '', 'Click image to see more photos', '', '630', ' ', 'AP', ], [ [['xxxxxxxxxxxx', 11]], '', 'Click image to see more photos', '', '500', ' ', 'AP', ] ]

[ [ [['did not go as far his colleague', 8]], '29438204', '0' ], [ [[' the 28-year-old neighborhood watchman who shot and killed', 4]], '28924649', '0' ], [ [['because I know God protects me', 14], ['Brian Snow was at a nearby credit union', 5]], '28811216', '0' ], [ [['The state news agency RIA-Novosti quoted Rosaviatsiya', 6]], '28805461', '0' ], [ [['measure all but certain to fail in the face of bipartisan', 4]], '28771014', '0' ], [ [['matter what you do in this case', 5]], '28759848', '0' ], [ [['presume laws are constitutional', 7]], '28747556', '0' ], [ [['has destroyed 15 to 25 houses', 7]], '28744868', '0' ], [ [['short answer is yes', 7]], '28746030', '0' ], [ [['opportunity to tell the real story', 7]], '28731764', '0' ], [ [['entirely respectable way to put off the searing constitutional controversy', 7]], '28723797', '0' ], [ [['point of my campaign is that big ideas matter', 9]], '28712293', '0' ], [ [['As the standoff dragged into a second day', 7]], '28687424', '0' ], [ [['French police stepped up the search', 17]], '28667224', '0' ], [ [['Seeking to elevate his candidacy back to a general', 8]], '28660934', '0' ], [ [['The tragic story of Trayvon Martin', 4]], '28647343', '0' ], [ [['Karzai will get a chance soon to express', 8]], '28630306', '0' ], [ [['powerful storms stretching', 8]], '28493546', '0' ], [ [['basic norm that death is private', 6]], '28413590', '0' ], [ [['songwriter also saw a surge in sales for her debut album', 6]], '28413590', '1', 'Watch music videos from Whitney Houston ', 'on Yahoo! Music', '' ], [ [['keyword', 99999999999999999999999]], 'videoID', '1', 'overwrite-pre-description', 'overwrite-link-string', 'overwrite-link-url' ] ]

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Monday, May 28, 2012

Cabin door leaves a real divot after falling from jet onto Florida golf course

Source: NewsCore

HALLANDALE, Fla. ? The cabin door of an airborne jet broke loose and plummeted onto a Florida golf course, just missing private condos.

The Canadair CL600 jet took off from Opa-Locka Executive Airport in Miami on Wednesday heading north when the 280lb (127kg) door fell off, The Sun-Sentinel reported.

It landed on the fairway of the 16th hole at The Diplomat Resort Spa in Hallandale Beach, narrowly missing nearby homes.

Fortunately, it was one of two days in the year that the course was closed while the greens were tended to.

Ed Walls, general manager of the $5,000-a-year resort, said, ?It?s the stairway from heaven. Fortunately there was no one on the grounds at the time and we?re very glad that no one got hurt. The course is ringed by private condo towers, so we are very fortunate that it landed where it did.?

The Federal Aviation Administration launched an investigation into the incident.

The co-owner of the jet, Jeffrey Berkowitz, exited the plane with his wife and two sons in Miami before it took off again.

He praised the pilot for avoiding any injuries and safely landing the aircraft after the door fell off.

He told the newspaper, ?We had just gotten off of it minutes before. I feel like I am completely blessed. I?m anxious to see the results of the investigation.?

The plane was due to fly to Pompano Beach, but was diverted to Ft. Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport.

Read More: Cabin door leaves a real divot after falling from jet onto Florida golf course

Article source:

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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Detroit Teachers' Union Threatens Lawsuit Over District Policies

[ [ [['Connery is an experienced stuntman', 2]], '', '[Slideshow: See photos taken on the way down]', ' ', '630', ' ', ' ', ], [ [['Connery is an experienced stuntman', 7]], '', '[Slideshow: Death-defying daredevils]', ' ', '630', ' ', ' ', ], [ [['know that we have confidence in', 3]], ' ', '[Related: The Secret Service guide to Cartagena]', ' ', '630', ' ', ' ', ], [ [['We picked up this other dog and', 5]], '', '[Related: 8 common dog fears, how to calm them]', ' ', '630', ' ', ' ', ], [ [['accused of running a fake hepatitis B', 5]], '', '[Related: Did WH share raid details with filmmakers?]', ' ', '630', ' ', ' ', ], [ [['accused of running a fake hepatitis B', 3]], '', '[Factbox: AQAP, al-Qaeda in Yemen]', ' ', '630', ' ', ' ', ], [ [['have my contacts on or glasses', 3]], '', '[Related: Should the murder charge be dropped?]', ' ', '630', ' ', ' ', ], [ [['have made this nation great as Sarah Palin', 5]], '', '[Related: Bristol Palin reality show debuts June 19]', ' ', '630', ' ', ' ', ], [ [['have made this nation great as Sarah Palin', 1]], '', '[Related: McCain adviser who vetted Palin weighs in on VP race]', ' ', '630', ' ', ' ', ], [ [['A JetBlue flight from New York to Las Vegas', 3]], '', '[Related: View photos of the JetBlue plane in Amarillo]', ' ', '630', ' ', ' ', ], [ [['the 28-year-old neighborhood watchman who shot and killed', 15]], '', 'Click image to see more photos', '', '630', ' ', 'AP', ], [ [['Titanic', 7]], '', ' ', '', '550', ' ', ' ', ], [ [['He was in shock and still strapped to his seat', 6]], '', 'Click image to see more photos', '', '630', ' ', 'AP', ], [ [['xxxxxxxxxxxx', 11]], '', 'Click image to see more photos', '', '500', ' ', 'AP', ] ]

[ [ [['did not go as far his colleague', 8]], '29438204', '0' ], [ [[' the 28-year-old neighborhood watchman who shot and killed', 4]], '28924649', '0' ], [ [['because I know God protects me', 14], ['Brian Snow was at a nearby credit union', 5]], '28811216', '0' ], [ [['The state news agency RIA-Novosti quoted Rosaviatsiya', 6]], '28805461', '0' ], [ [['measure all but certain to fail in the face of bipartisan', 4]], '28771014', '0' ], [ [['matter what you do in this case', 5]], '28759848', '0' ], [ [['presume laws are constitutional', 7]], '28747556', '0' ], [ [['has destroyed 15 to 25 houses', 7]], '28744868', '0' ], [ [['short answer is yes', 7]], '28746030', '0' ], [ [['opportunity to tell the real story', 7]], '28731764', '0' ], [ [['entirely respectable way to put off the searing constitutional controversy', 7]], '28723797', '0' ], [ [['point of my campaign is that big ideas matter', 9]], '28712293', '0' ], [ [['As the standoff dragged into a second day', 7]], '28687424', '0' ], [ [['French police stepped up the search', 17]], '28667224', '0' ], [ [['Seeking to elevate his candidacy back to a general', 8]], '28660934', '0' ], [ [['The tragic story of Trayvon Martin', 4]], '28647343', '0' ], [ [['Karzai will get a chance soon to express', 8]], '28630306', '0' ], [ [['powerful storms stretching', 8]], '28493546', '0' ], [ [['basic norm that death is private', 6]], '28413590', '0' ], [ [['songwriter also saw a surge in sales for her debut album', 6]], '28413590', '1', 'Watch music videos from Whitney Houston ', 'on Yahoo! Music', '' ], [ [['keyword', 99999999999999999999999]], 'videoID', '1', 'overwrite-pre-description', 'overwrite-link-string', 'overwrite-link-url' ] ]

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38-cr golf course waits for CM

"); (function(d, s, id) { var js, fjs = d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0]; if (d.getElementById(id)) return; js = d.createElement(s); = id; js.src = "//"; fjs.parentNode.insertBefore(js, fjs); }(document, 'script', 'facebook-jssdk')); } else { document.write(""); }

The brand new 11-hole golf course in Kharghar, ready since February, will have to wait well until after the monsoon to be inaugurated, thanks to Cidco?s insistence that the CM do the honours. In the last four months, unavailability of dates from the chief minister has led Cidco officials to skip several occasions marked for the inauguration. Now, the problem is the model code of conduct imposed in Raigad prior to local body elections.

The hole truth: CIDCO has been spending Rs 10 lakh ?a month to maintain the course for the past 4 months

The code is in force till the end of this month. When that ends, the monsoon will play spoiler for the next three-four months. Officials say they will need a month thereafter to trim the lawn. As such, November is the month tentatively scheduled for the opening. As per Cidco?s targets, the golf course was supposed to rake in over Rs 1 crore in six months through commercial use by the public and international matches. But as long as it lies unused, the target will not be met.

Bogey! The golf course was supposed to make Rs 1 crore in 6 months through commercial usage, but instead of the profits, CIDCO has only been accruing monthly maintenance expenses of Rs 10 lakh

?We had plans of making over Rs 1 crore in six months from the course, where people will be allowed to play golf at nominal cost. We are likely to lose this income now as the unveiling is not likely to happen before November,? said a senior Cidco official requesting anonymity. More concrete losses have accrued to Cidco in the form of monthly maintenance expenses of around Rs 10 lakh for the past four months.

?We completed the construction in February and have since been incurring expenses of around Rs 10 lakh every month for maintenance of the course. If the inauguration does not happen in the next few days, grass will grow rank on the course due to the rains. We will then have to chop it, level the course using earthmoving machines, and do much more,? said Ramesh Giri, executive engineer, Cidco.

Cidco is still sticking firm to its decision of getting the CM for the inauguration. Mohan Ninawe, public relations officer, Cidco, said, ?Due to the code of conduct in Raigad, we are not able to get the CM for the inauguration. We will seek his availability once the code of conduct gets over. The opening ceremony will only be at the hands of the CM, and it is very difficult to say when that will be possible. Until then, the course will not be made operational.?

Long overdue
The work on the golf course in Kharghar started in January 2008 and was supposed to be completed by February 2010. But delay in getting clearances cost the City and Industrial Development Corporation of Maharashtra Ltd (Cidco) two more years to complete the course. The body has attempted to get the CM for its inauguration at least three times till now. Officially, the ceremony was announced for March 24, then April 26, but was cancelled both times. Initially, the course was supposed to be constructed with 18 holes at a cost of Rs 52 crore. But Cidco did not get permission from the forest department for using its land to construct seven holes, and went on to build an 11-hole course at Rs 38 crore.

I have been waiting for the golf course for the last few years, as we do not have a single one in Navi Mumbai. Why are the authorities not throwing it open even though it was developed four months ago?
--- Vishwajit Desai, engineer at shipping company

Cidco should not wait for the CM for the inauguration, as that means the course will remain unused for another four months after the monsoon sets in. The inauguration can be done after opening of the golf course.
-- Yugesh Ganeshe, nutrition officer with a private company

It is ridiculous to put on hold the opening of the golf course for such a trivial reason. Cidco should throw it open to the public without any formality as it is constructed with people?s money.
-- Ashish Indapawar, IT professional ?

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President Obama Welcomes Rolling Thunder

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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Calico - Cali - Small - Adult - Female - Cat | Phoenix | eBay ...

Calico - Cali - Small - Adult - Female - Cat

Cali, aka Patches is 3-4 yrs old and was rescued from death row at the pound where she wound up when her owner died suddenly without plans for her cats. She is quiet, sweet and a very petite kitty, tested, fixed and has her shots. She would be fine alone or to join your kitty family, and we at Cactus cats have a 30 day refund or exchange if all is not content in the kitty kingdom. Cali also would pair nicely with any of the others from this family of cat..see Alfie, Peaches, Tang, or Carrie all whom get along with her. For details or to meet..please email me at [email removed]

Breed: Calico
Size: Small
Petfinder ID: 23069260

Pet has been spayed/neutered

Cactus Cats Rescue, Inc. | Phoenix, AZ | 480-814-8801

For additional information, reply to this ad or see:

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Begin Your Caribbean Adventure By Walking Around The Cayman ...

Start your Caribbean adventure by walking in George Town which is the capital of the Cayman Islands. The instructions provided below will allow you to explore George Town and get a feel for the culture of the Cayman Islands.

To begin your walk, make your way over to the Old Courts Building, which is now known as the Cayman Islands National Museum. The museum contains a number of different exhibits which help to tell the story of the natural and cultural history of the islands.

Moving on from that, on Harbour Drive which takes you past the cruise dock is the beautiful Elmslie Memorial Church which was constructed by Captain Rayal Bodden. If you make a right turn, next to the car park, are old grave markers which look similar to the shapes of houses, with the smaller ones for children, these represent the typical graves of the islands. When you explore further into the churchyard there is the Seamens Memorial which bears the names of 153 Caymanians who have been lost at sea. If you look next to the memorial you can see the remains of Fort George, which was constructed in 1790 to defend against the Spaniards who laid siege to the islands and took prisoners to Cuba.

If you then stroll up Fort Street to the modern Legislative Assembly, which plays host to a wide selection of photos which were taken in the old days, displaying the Town Hall and 1919 Peace Memorial which was next door.

If you look outside of the Hall you will find the Clock Tower, which was constructed in the memory of King George V, if you walk across the street you will discover the Public Library that was built in 1939. Furthermore, if you walk up towards the Law Courts sometimes you may be able to see a court in session where you can watch barristers argue in front of the judges.

The Post Office which was also put together by Captain Rayal, can be seen down Edwards Street. Furthermore, if you make your way round the corner of Elgin Avenue and Shedden Road you will discover the traditional cabin-style houses. Finish off your walk at the delightful Panton Square.

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Gary Miller vs. Pete Aguilar: Super PACs Of Realtors, Credit Union Spend Big In California Primary Election

WASHINGTON -- The race for a newly drawn congressional district in California's Inland Empire is shaping up as a clash of titans. It's not the candidates -- Republican Rep. Gary Miller and his leading Democratic opponent Pete Aguilar -- who are making a splash at the moment, but rather two powerful interest groups, the National Association of Realtors and the California & Nevada Credit Union League, who are investing big money to support candidates that have long backed their interests.

The contest in California's 31st District has seen the most spending from independent groups of any non-special election House race in the 2012 election cycle. The realtors and the credit union league have pumped more than $1.4 million into the race as they seek to elect candidates to be their champion in Congress.

The spending by these two industry groups marks another step in the evolution of elections in the wake of the Supreme Court's decision in Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission (FEC). That decision -- and a subsequent lower court ruling -- freed corporations, individuals and unions to spend freely on independent efforts in elections. As evident in the Inland Empire primary race, interest groups and industry leaders are becoming bigger players in elections than the candidates.

Miller's reelection bid, put in danger by both the new map and a new nonpartisan primary system instituted by voter referendum, is backed by $1.2 million in spending by the National Association of Realtors. The congressman had only spent $765,000 on his campaign as of May 16.

Most of the money spent by the Realtors, nearly $900,000, has come from a traditional PAC, which accepts only limited donations. That has been supplemented with more than $300,000 in corporate funds from the group's super PAC.

"We have funding coming in both accounts and we're using it as money comes in," said National Association of Realtors political director Scott Reiter.

On the other side, the California & Nevada Credit Union League created its own super PAC, named Restoring Our Community, to support Aguilar. The super PAC, which is funded by a $250,000 contribution from the credit union league, has already spent $155,000 to support Aguilar, who, as of May 16, had spent $231,000 on his own campaign.

"This is the unfortunate reality of Citizens United," said California Common Cause policy advocate Phillip Ung. "It's opened up this new era of spending where we have interest groups going after each other and the candidates are being used as proxies."

This unprecedented spending has raised concerns by many that congressmen, when elected, will be more responsive to the industries that helped them win election than to the residents of their district. Both the credit union league and realtors agree that concerns about their spending are overblown.

"We have engaged in state races on what are called independent expenditures," Bob Arnuld, senior vice president of government relations for the California & Nevada Credit Union League, said. "The law now allows us to do this on the federal level."

"What people don't understand is we don't go pick a congressman and everything they do goes to doing what we want to do," Reiter said.

Neither of the candidates are unknown quantities to the industries supporting them. In fact, both hail from the industry of their respective super PAC backers.

Miller is himself a developer, owning millions of dollars of land and residential properties in his congressional district.

"He's from the development industry, that's his background," said Reiter. "He's one of the biggest supporters of development in Congress."

In the role of realtor champion, Miller has taken the lead in Congress to support his industry as the sponsor of a resolution declaring support for the mortgage interest deduction. Deficit hawks and blue ribbon commissions have targeted the once-sacrosanct tax break for homeowners as part of an effort to clear the tax code of all breaks and subsidies. Nearly 200 congressmen, Republicans and Democrats, have joined Miller's resolution.

The Democrat Aguilar, currently the mayor of Redlands, previously worked as the head of government relations for Arrowhead Credit Union and is well-known within the credit union industry in California.

"He has a strong background working on community relations side of the credit union industry," said Arnuld. "He understands exactly how credit unions can engage and spur economic development in that area."

The early investment in the primary race by the two industries is happening not just because of the new freedom to spend brought about by the Citizens United ruling, but also because of a new system of non-partisan elections in California, according to Ung.

"We're seeing more money being poured into primary races than ever before," he said. "This is a unique year."

The new system allows voters to vote for all candidates on one ballot in the primary election with the top two finishers moving on to the general election. This allows for the possibility that the two general election candidates could hail from the same party or from neither.

The California Credit Union League and the Realtors want to make sure that their favored candidate, the one who will represent their industry in Washington, makes it onto the general election ballot.

In that effort, the groups are taking different tacks.

The Realtors, long-time players in congressional races, take a more traditional approach by spending their money on ads on cable television and radio and filling the mailboxes of district residents with direct mail touting Miller's record.

The credit union super PAC, however, has invested in grassroots door-knocking and phone-banking efforts to spread the word about Aguilar house-by-house.

"We're engaging local neighbors from the Inland Empire to go out and talk to their neighbors about Pete's strength as a candidate," Arnuld said. "We are educating voters in the 31st District at their doorsteps."

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Friday, May 25, 2012

Corn prices plunge on weak export sales, weather

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[ [ [['did not go as far his colleague', 8]], '29438204', '0' ], [ [[' the 28-year-old neighborhood watchman who shot and killed', 4]], '28924649', '0' ], [ [['because I know God protects me', 14], ['Brian Snow was at a nearby credit union', 5]], '28811216', '0' ], [ [['The state news agency RIA-Novosti quoted Rosaviatsiya', 6]], '28805461', '0' ], [ [['measure all but certain to fail in the face of bipartisan', 4]], '28771014', '0' ], [ [['matter what you do in this case', 5]], '28759848', '0' ], [ [['presume laws are constitutional', 7]], '28747556', '0' ], [ [['has destroyed 15 to 25 houses', 7]], '28744868', '0' ], [ [['short answer is yes', 7]], '28746030', '0' ], [ [['opportunity to tell the real story', 7]], '28731764', '0' ], [ [['entirely respectable way to put off the searing constitutional controversy', 7]], '28723797', '0' ], [ [['point of my campaign is that big ideas matter', 9]], '28712293', '0' ], [ [['As the standoff dragged into a second day', 7]], '28687424', '0' ], [ [['French police stepped up the search', 17]], '28667224', '0' ], [ [['Seeking to elevate his candidacy back to a general', 8]], '28660934', '0' ], [ [['The tragic story of Trayvon Martin', 4]], '28647343', '0' ], [ [['Karzai will get a chance soon to express', 8]], '28630306', '0' ], [ [['powerful storms stretching', 8]], '28493546', '0' ], [ [['basic norm that death is private', 6]], '28413590', '0' ], [ [['songwriter also saw a surge in sales for her debut album', 6]], '28413590', '1', 'Watch music videos from Whitney Houston ', 'on Yahoo! Music', '' ], [ [['keyword', 99999999999999999999999]], 'videoID', '1', 'overwrite-pre-description', 'overwrite-link-string', 'overwrite-link-url' ] ]

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Business Silos Barrier to Business Process Management (BPM ...

Slide Show

Seven Deadly Sins of Business Process Management (BPM)

Organizations must be aware of the possible downfalls of implementing a BPM campaign with inadequate focus on end-user adoption.

If you want to succeed with business process management (BPM), then the first thing you should look at is how to dissolve the silos in your company. These cultural silos ? particularly the unintentional ?functional? silos ? are one of the top barriers to BPM, according to a recent Global Business Process Management report from Capgemini.


Capgemini surveyed 1,000 senior business and technology leaders about their adoption of BPM. Of those who had experience with BPM, many cited these silos as a barrier, with 55 percent either slightly or strongly agreeing.


?This method of working (editor?s note: meaning, silos) promotes efficiency within a particular silo, but undermines the possibilities for working collaboratively and seamlessly across an organization,? the report states. ?The attempt to introduce cross-functional BPM can lead to internal politics.?


Other problem areas for BPM initiatives:


  • Fragmented budget
  • A perception that BPM is ?an IT item?
  • Conversely, long-time IT staff who resist BPM
  • A lack of change readiness or willingness.

Overall, those who have done BPM are happy with the results. While only 39 percent say they?ve tried to formally measure the ROI, but when they did, 96 percent found a positive ROI and 55 percent said they?d measured a return of at least twice their initial investment.


Those in the know ? who have knowledge and practical experience with BPM ? also see it very much as a C-level concern, the report found, with 82 percent saying it should be part of the high-level business strategy.


So that?s good.


The problem is, overall, only 20 percent say it?s actually treated that way at their organization. It seldom has a senior sponsor, and that is key to success with BPM, Capgemini contends.


?To be successful, BPM needs to address organizational silos. In order to allow this to happen, executive sponsorship at enterprise level is essential.? the report states. ?Strong BPM leadership at a strategic and tactical level is essential for long-term BPM success.?


The report notes there are several drivers for BPM, including better compliance and risk management, the need to manage both negative and positive social data, as well as the drive to become more efficient and customer-centric.


The full report is available online for free reading or downloading.

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Thursday, May 24, 2012

HTC One XL coming to Germany on Vodafone, O2 and T-Mobile


The HTC One XL has graced the Far East, Australia and North America (under the name HTC One X), and now it's headed to Europe, with today's news that Vodafone Germany will launch the device next month. The One XL is almost identical to the international One X, except that it sports a 4G LTE radio and dual-core Snapdragon S4 chip instead of the Tegra 3 found in the One X. (That's due to Tegra 3's lack of support for LTE.)

Basically, this is an AT&T One X for Europe, with European LTE bands. In addition to dual-band HSPA on 900 and 2100MHz, the Euro One XL supports LTE on 800, 1800 and 2600MHz bands. This means it'll also run on the UK's 4G LTE networks, whenever they're launched.

The One XL will launch in Germany on Vodafone, T-Mobile and O2, and there'll also be unlocked SIM-free version available. Prices reportedly start at €659 (~$830).

via: TheUnwired

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Video: Scientists start explaining Fat Bastard's vicious cycle

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Fat Bastard's revelation "I eat because I'm depressed and I'm depressed because I eat" in the Austin Powers film series may be explained by sophisticated neuroscience research being undertaken by scientists affiliated with the University of Montreal Hospital Research Centre (CR-CHUM) and the university's Faculty of Medicine. "In addition to causing obesity, rich foods can actually cause chemical reactions in the brain in a similar way to illicit drugs, ultimately leading to depression as the 'come-downs' take their toll," explain lead researcher, Dr. Stephanie Fulton. As is the case with drug addicts, a vicious cycle sets in where "food-highs" are used as a way to combat depression. "Data shows that obesity is associated with increased risk of developing depression, but we have very little understanding of the neural mechanisms and brain reward patterns that link the two," Fulton said. "We are demonstrating for the first time that the chronic consumption of palatable, high-fat diets has pro-depressive effects."

A molecule in the brain known as dopamine enables the brain to rewards us with good feelings, encouraging us to learn certain kinds of behaviour. This chemical is the same in humans as it is in mice and other animals. The research team feed mice different kinds of food and monitored how the diet affects the way the animals behave. Fulton and her colleagues use a variety of scientifically validated techniques to evaluate the relationship between rewarding mice with food and their resulting behaviour and emotions. The team is also contributing to the improvement of these techniques, such as the one demonstrated in the video. Later, the team actually looks at the brains of the mice to see how they have changed.

Mice that have been fed a higher-fat diet exhibit signs of being anxious, such as an avoidance of open areas, and of being depressed, such as making less of an effort to escape when trapped. Moreover, their brains have been physically altered by their experiences. For example, CREB is a molecule that controls the activation of genes involved in the functioning of our brains and is well known for its contribution to memory formation. CREB is much more activated in the brains of higher-fat diet mice. Finally, these mice have higher levels of corticosterone, a hormone that is associated with stress.

Stephanie Fulton of Universit? de Montr?al and its affiliated research hospital studies the behavior of mice and their brain chemistry to reveal how humans may act in similar circumstances.Credit: Sharma, S., Hryhorczuk, C., Fulton, S. Progressive-ratio Responding for Palatable High-fat and High-sugar Food in Mice . J. Vis. Exp. (63), e3754, DOI: 10.3791/3754 (2012).

Fulton and her team are part of a research network that is working together to address the biological reasons for obesity and its related diseases, such as cardiovascular diseases, type 2 diabetes, some cancers, and of course depression. She is based at the Montreal Diabetes Centre, an institution associated with the CHUM and four Montreal universities that brings together facilities for clinical research, cell biology and microscopy research, and rodent physiology research, such as that involved in the depression study. "Although popular culture jokes about these illnesses and even mocks the people who are suffering, obesity is a serious and major public health issue that already affects hundreds of millions of people. As a society, we must avoid creating stigma and discriminating against obese and depressed people," Fulton said. "With regards to research, it is urgent that we identify the molecules and neural pathways involved in obesity and obesity-related illnesses. My colleagues and I are committed to identifying the brain circuitry involved in these diseases and to improving the tools available to researchers working in the same field."


University of Montreal:

Thanks to University of Montreal for this article.

This press release was posted to serve as a topic for discussion. Please comment below. We try our best to only post press releases that are associated with peer reviewed scientific literature. Critical discussions of the research are appreciated. If you need help finding a link to the original article, please contact us on twitter or via e-mail.

This press release has been viewed 45 time(s).

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50 Days After: Remarks on Fatherhood and the Faith

.- Dads who are absent from their family?make it more difficult for their children to understand God as a loving father, Pope Benedict XVI said on May 23.
?Perhaps modern man does not perceive the beauty, grandeur and profound consolation contained in the word ?father? with which we can turn to God in prayer, because the father figure is often not sufficiently present in today?s world, and is often not a sufficiently positive presence in everyday life,? the Pope said in his weekly general audience address.
He underscored that the ?the problem of a father not present in the life of the child is a big problem of our time? because it can become difficult for those children ?to understand in its depth what it means to us that God is Father.?...
In his letter to the Galatians, St. Paul wrote that ?As proof that you are children, God sent the spirit of his son into our hearts, crying out, ?Abba, Father!?? St. Paul also wrote to the Romans, ?you did not receive a spirit of slavery to fall back into fear, but you received a spirit of adoption, through which we cry, ?Abba, Father!??
Pope Benedict noted that the familial Aramaic word ?Abba? is also used by Jesus ?even at the most dramatic moment of his earthly life,? thus demonstrating that he ?never lost faith in the Father and always invoked him with the intimacy of a beloved son.?
Similarly, through baptism, every Christian also becomes a beloved son or daughter of God, ?sharing by adoption in the eternal sonship of Jesus.?
In the selected passages, the Pope explained, St. Paul also demonstrates that ?Christian prayer is never unidirectional, from us to God.? Instead, it is ?an expression of a reciprocal relationship in which it is always God who acts first.?
Therefore, whenever we address the Father in prayer, even silently or privately, we are never alone, since ?we are within the great prayer of the Church, we are part of a great symphony which the Christian community in all places and times raises to God,? he said.
It is this ?prayer guided by the Spirit? that causes Christians to cry out ?Abba! Father!? both ?with Christ and in Christ,? Pope Benedict taught...
read the whole article

May God bless all who read my ramblings,

Adopt A Catholic Blog

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Top Tips concerning how to Throw an extraordinary Baby shower ...

Function new baby tub areas are probably the the same? Each person suit found at peoples family home, beds down throughout irritating bike seats, food fingers sandwiches not to mention wrist watches the particular mother-to-most perhaps brings, while tired of through their thoughts. You need to add a different hurt upon your little one baths and obtain extremely creative? Here's tips about putting together a distinctive cover the exact along with having to do with global recognition and consequently travelers won't forget about and not be capable to repeat! Virtually all baby showers can be found in an important sister or just family and friends room gucci handbags outlet . Chairs are positioned in any eliptical and therefore your meals are shown in a dining room table. Citizens are that constitute, get rid of their particular treasure, pick up some stool together with hold it. A great many talk to numerous viewers, all the while till the opening trends to get started on. You will want to grow your moment employing a different expertise using the mother-to-be and consequently her own people.Take care of a mother-to-be on the market a health jacuzzi undergo.

Native hottubs offer you mailings with regards to events. They happen to be due to great since nature for the whole event or even a selections related to manicures coupled with pedicures. Loads of schools allow drinks and food to become released here in because of the hostess, supplying any visitors a calming stop by at this spa tub, as being the mother-to-be will obtain one further day's partaking earlier Not one but two 'm feedings and furthermore baby diaper swings gucci outlet online . A superb working experience needed for afflicted mother not to mention her own website traffic. Someone no person is ever going to forget. New baby bathrooms nearly always will not have a lot of leisure activities. Tuning into that mother-to-most likely can present in addition to referring or other vacationers best this list. Staying pleasurable baby-related things to do should add spice to the costume party and thus conserve the mother-to-be in addition to other dads within guests read and learn new stuff.Professional people in town issues and even rub down professional salons supply little one caress.

Making use of a professional person work with display regarding how to do an newborn girls rub down should be a aid our mother-to-be and furthermore the girl's people. And it likewise produces celebration for the entire community. It's only exactly like a Tupperware get together for new latest dads.Railroad the exact mother-to-be or give site visitors an alternative method. Baby repair shops are really preferred throughout sophisticated babe accessories. Consider the many advantages and techniques with regards to baby-putting up for pockets, do-it-yourself slings, platforms and therefore mei tais.Run Eco-friendly! Modern mothers and fathers Are inclined eco-friendly year after year that offer their own small children things which were created the natural way plus make it easier to protection the atmosphere. Find a your own local your little one specialist which usually carries non-chemical the newborn models like clothes, toys and games, pillows and comforters along with home furnishings.

Request they show off those things also demonstrate exactly why these are far better when it comes to the infant, mother or father in addition to environment. Everyone can bring up a certain amount of service to make the environment!Any dads and moms will want to find out more about newly born baby CPR. Why don't you incorporate the product one is your own baby shower? Master if you happen to get a hold of that have homeboys in order to really rejoice the popular bundle of along the way. A new baby CPR panache is fantastic for guardians, grandma and grandpa, the baby sitters and additionally each person liable for a good proper care of a child alternatively girl. Ultimately, right after the terifficly amusing adventures or simply indulging activity can be bought that gift ideas. Of course, moms-to-be wish for the whole thing without any help laptop or computer, you need to you can keep them things without any help register along with a high.Some tips concerning how to Host an original Event Get together the caretaker That should be Will not Tend to forget

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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The way to Ensure Your current Trade Present Graphics Compel ...

When making trade indicate exhibits for almost any organization, there are lots of critical considerations that can come in to enjoy over the procedure. This dimensions as well as best remaining impact of the trade indicate appears are important aspects when they will influence space needed for setup and also entire condition, match along with complete of the part. Inside characteristics with regard to reveals are important. Stuff like shelving, kitchen cabinetry as well as countertop spots should be matched to guarantee appropriate group along with hard drive from every celebration. Business Indicate Artwork: Essential for Tempting Visitors to Visit Your own BoothWhile most of these aspects are crucial to the general accomplishment associated with buy and sell present features, there is just one essential aspect that may probably prove even more vital: buy and sell present images. The actual graphics as well as images on the done booths usually are basically the signs along with outside indicates planned for the wandering crowd. In a very marine connected with distractions and also disruptions, it really is in the long run some sort of company?s visuals that could grab the interest associated with occasion attendees and also compel them to halt in addition to go to a certain pozycjonowanie stron presentation space. Points to consider Any time Strategizing Your enterprise ImageryAs along with any sort of marketing and advertising photograph, one thing a small business should think about is the coloration program and eye-catching benefit of your snapshot. Although some firms may experience tempted to work with interior resources any time employing images design on their business indicates, this is a procedure very best still left towards authorities. You need to keep in mind that using the services of an established display pattern staff ensures that the particular heavens is usually practically your restriction in terms of positioning as well as other characteristics unique to the photos that will be found in the closing industry indicate exhibits. Watchful intending on your own part can help you greatest influence your own design second half?s skills and also produce a remaining solution of which efficiently grabs the crowd?s wandering eyes. Primary, strategize an important internal factors to produce during the entire presentation space. Will your organization offer an kept up to date company logo and also other company unique graphics for instance saying, slogans in addition to taglines? In that case, these kinds of should completely go for your remaining design and style. Using model image throughout the booth will be a great way to receive the herd operating ample to wish to stay in for a closer look. Following, it truly is time to brainstorm with all your gross sales and advertising group to determine the photographs of which greatest get just what your organization is really about. Making use of latest, interior images is okay providing your pictures develop the appropriate attributes for reproduction growth about the present. Should your business isn?t going to already have got photos worthy of ones trade show displays, find some good. Using the services of a specialist professional photographer for taking product pictures will be the best way to be sure you obtain high quality graphics with creative pizzazz that may be sent out successfully during your own presentation area. Just remember, these pictures may express in one graphic just what your organization offers consumers in addition to promote readers for more info in relation to your organization in each and every celebration.

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Do Bald Men Face Higher Risk of Prostate Cancer?

TUESDAY, May 22 (HealthDay News) -- Got hair? If you don't, you might have a higher risk of prostate cancer, a preliminary study suggests.

Researchers are reporting that bald men who underwent biopsies of the prostate were more likely to have cancer than were those with more hair on their heads.

"Bald men should be aware that they may benefit from being screened earlier and perhaps, if necessary, from being biopsied sooner," said study author Dr. Neil Fleshner, a professor of surgical urology at the University of Toronto. "In the study, the more bald people were, the more likely they were to have prostate cancer. We're 95 percent sure this is real."

However, not all doctors are ready to embrace the study's conclusions.

The possible association between male pattern baldness and prostate cancer has been considered in previous studies.

Although the precise mechanism isn't understood, researchers think male hormones known as androgens may play a role in both baldness and prostate cancer. Androgens, which include testosterone, can inhibit hair growth and trigger the development of prostate cells.

It's thought that the androgen dihydrotestosterone (DHT) increases in bald men, causing the hair follicles to shrink gradually. As the follicles get smaller, the hair weakens and eventually stops growing. DHT also has been implicated in the development of prostate cancer.

The U.S. National Cancer Institute estimates there will be more than 240,000 new cases of prostate cancer this year. The prevalence of baldness increases with age, and it affects about 40 million men in the United States.

The research was scheduled for presentation at a news conference Tuesday at the American Urological Association annual meeting in Atlanta.

The study involved 214 patients aged 59 to 70 years old with elevated prostate-specific antigen test numbers (averaging 5.8). The men had all been referred for a prostate biopsy. Baldness was assessed on a four-point scale -- just in the front, just a little on the top, moderate top and sides and severe top and sides -- before the biopsy was taken.

The more severe a man's balding pattern, the more strongly it was associated with a positive biopsy.

Men with a normal PSA were not included in the study, which found an association between baldness and prostate cancer risk, but did not prove a cause-and-effect relationship.

The researchers also sought to determine whether there is a relationship between the relative length of a man's index and ring fingers and the diagnosis of prostate cancer, a question raised by previous studies. Some researchers have thought that the level of sex hormones in the womb could prenatally affect both finger length and predisposition to prostate cancer. No association was found in this study, however.

Dr. Nelson Stone, a clinical professor of urology and radiation oncology at Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York City, questioned the potential value of the baldness study.

Stone said the researchers should have tested for hormone levels to see what association, if any, the amount of testosterone and DHT had on the diagnosis of prostate cancer.

"The incidence of baldness goes up with age, and we know that testosterone levels fall with age, and we still don't know why," he said.

Complicating the issue is also the question of whether the men with a positive biopsy had predominantly aggressive or nonaggressive forms of prostate cancer, Stone said.

Dr. Tobias Kohler, public liaison to the American Urological Association, said that, with or without hair on their heads, men can't relax about prostate cancer.

"There is a link between baldness and prostate cancer, but it could be due to some other factor -- perhaps something in the environment or something genetic, " he said. "I would approach this study with caution."

Because this study was presented at a medical meeting, the data and conclusions should be viewed as preliminary until published in a peer-reviewed journal.

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Visit the U.S. National Cancer Institute for more about prostate cancer.

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