Monday, December 31, 2012

The Princess of Death

~~~Chapter One: The Princess of Death~~~
Henne Village

?P-please don?t leave miss!? a little villager girl yelped, she had carrot top hair tied into two ponytails and tan skin covered in freckles. ?Not without protection! It?s dangerous outside of this village!? she reached for the woman?s hand with violet, long hair. The little girl was plump and felt bony fingers between her own. Looking down at her, the woman couldn?t help but imagine her as a helpless puppy, begging for its owner to stay.

?If what the Chief has said is true?then I must go,? Her voice was low and mature for her age, whatever that may be. She didn?t quite remember any of that, only her name.

?Not without protection! Look, there is a hunter in town, I?m sure he?ll be of use!? The little girl persuaded, but the woman just shook her head solemnly.

?No, that is quite all right. I?m not very?fond of hunters,? she said, feeling like scissors were ripping her heart apart. She hated how the human body could remember things but her mind could not, ?Besides, I have no money,? which proved another dilemma, how was she going to get around, get food, places to stay? She didn?t know how to hunt or set up shelters, or maybe she did?but she didn?t remember. ?You be good now Lucy, you hear? And thank you for finding me, ? she smiled like a Princess and bent down to kiss the girl, known as Lucy, on the cheek. Lucy hugged her tightly and the woman returned the kind gesture. ?I?ll be alright, don?t worry,? she broke the embrace, opened the door, and left. All the little girl could hear was her beating heart pounding loudly against her chest and the woman?s heels click on the transparent pavement outside.

?Goodbye?.Jay? tears fell from her eyes, they tasted like salt. She wiped away her tears, ?I-I need to get help,? she dug into her pockets, no money. She searched around her house, in drawers, cabinets, boxes, under beds. No money. Except 10 Yil. This was like a fifty cents in American currency. Lucy ran out of the house and scurried down to a bar, where she had heard a hunter was stopping by. She ran pass house after house, her bare feet pressing hard against the cold cement. Curses came out of people?s mouths as she pushed past them, knocking over baskets of fruit: apples, oranges, lemons, peaches, anything you could think of.

She quickly opened the bar door, and it banged hard against the wall behind it. It reverberated through the room, causing an awkward silence to storm in. Everyone looked at her, some with anger, curiosity, disbelief that a little girl was in a bar. ?I-I need the Hunter,? Lucy squeaked, ?The Hunter, Trevor Belmont. I-I?? she paused, sweat dripping down the side of her temple, ?I-I need your help,?

Henne Village-Docks

Jay sighed; she couldn?t even pay for a ride to Yaoon Kingdom, wherever that may be. She kicked over a random barrel, causing fish to splatter everywhere. She looked around, looked back at the fish, put her hands behind her back, and walked away while whistling. Once she got far enough, she started to jog. Two men huffed in annoyance and frustration as they picked the barrel and fish back up. She could smell the raw fish all the way from over here. Gross. Jay sat on a random bench at the entrance to the dock and sighed. The Chief had said that if she wanted to recover her memories, she should pass Yaoon Kingdom and go into Nalbudis City, asking for a Nahallamn who would tell her what to do next. He suggested that she shouldn?t go alone; maybe hire some mercenaries and hunters, someone to protect her. But she refused.

?I?m a Princess! I can take care of myself,? she yelled as she straightened her posture and held her shoulders beck, legs put to the side and pointed, her hands rested neatly on her lap. She blinked. ?Where did that come from?.... Princess?? her face contorted into one of confusion, ?And?why am I sitting like this? It?s weird, and it looks uncomfortable!? she paused, ?But?it?s not,? she said in sudden realize and shook her head, ?Oh this doesn?t matter, how in bloody hell am I suppose to get one of these boats without money?? she groaned, a strong British accent edged into her voice.


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Mexico Urges US Court to Block Part of Arizona Law

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In 2013, the great global unraveling | Economy | GMA News Online ...

The disparate prospects of each continent have little in common. To the extent that they can be linked by a single theme in 2013, however, it is the idea of the unraveling of the global economy and the political integration that supported it. After two decades of globalization, this year will see each of the big political theaters re-erecting barriers and focusing more on domestic repairs than on global expansion. The unraveling has its roots in longer-term trends, but it is set to step up in the next year.


There has been a remarkable stabilization within the euro zone since European Central Bank President Mario Draghi?s intervention in the summer of 2012. But even as the euro zone integrates, the politics and economics of the wider European Union are likely to diverge. In practice, the measures toward an integrated banking union, increased parliamentary accountability and more incentives for reform could go hand in hand with the de facto economic and political disintegration of the EU. Economically, as Sebastian Dullien argues in a paper, ?Why the euro crisis threatens the EU single market,? there is a significant risk of a gradual unraveling of the EU?s single-market system. A full euro zone breakup would shatter the euro, while a great leap toward political union could see shrinkage of the single market, as countries such as the United Kingdom withdraw from the heart of Europe.


Even muddling through the crisis seems likely to diminish the depth of the single market. In recent months, banks in the euro zone have withdrawn from trans-border business. Even poorly-managed German companies are paying significantly less interest on capital than well-managed Spanish companies. These new barriers between euro zone members will lead to a renewed focus on domestic markets. For Europe, this means less competition, less growth and higher prices for consumers.


Europe?s economic unraveling will be matched by a new political geography. The continent is already seeing a reshuffling of its elite, as the traditional political forces in many countries ? from Greece to Italy to Finland to Austria ? find themselves besieged by an emerging anti-political class of populists from left and right. There is also a renegotiation of the relationship between the ?core? and the ?periphery? ? with many EU member states, including larger nations such as the UK, Poland and Spain, deeply concerned that integration is forcing them to the periphery of the European project.


Most worrying is the fragmentation of the core itself, with possibly irreconcilable differences emerging between Paris and Berlin over the future shape of the EU polity.


The Middle East could also become divided like never before in 2013. In the past two years we have seen political action unite the Arab world with an ?awakening? that has spread from capital to capital through social media, satellite television and the infectious promise of change. But the story of the year ahead will focus more on the splits.


Syria?s civil war is becoming the epicenter of a regional sectarian conflict, bringing the threat of wider destabilization. It has already sharpened sectarian tensions and reinvigorated dormant Sunni jihadi forces, putting Iran and its allies on the defensive and providing space for Kurdish ambitions. The febrile atmosphere in Kurdish areas is opening cracks between Ankara and its de facto allies Saudi Arabia and Qatar, and reverberations are spreading into northern Iraq.


A story with enormous global resonance is the growing tension between a strong Chinese society and a weak Chinese state, as it drives the new Asia apart. Many in the Chinese elite think their country needs to enter a new era of political and economic change. After Mao?s political revolution (China 1.0) and Deng Xiaoping?s economic revolution (China 2.0), they are calling for a major re-orientation toward a China 3.0.


Now that China?s populace is becoming increasingly affluent, how does the state deal with issues like growing inequality, the need to rebalance its economy and its increasing exposure to the global economy? How does the Communist Party retain stability in a time of unrest within Chinese society that includes half a billion ?netizens? on the Web? And how does China take on the burden of being a Great Power as it develops interests in every continent on the planet?


In September, China?s 18th Party Congress anointed leaders whose views are more aligned with the past than the future. As the political system becomes more rigid and its foreign policy more aggressive, there is a risk of growing tension between China?s strengthening society and its weakening political system. These tensions are already having an impact on the wider Asian system.


Asia?s economic map has been redrawn over the past 15 years as increasing intra-regional trade, investment and supply chains have driven deep interdependence (all done largely without the United States). But tension and weakness in the Chinese state seem to be driving the nation to take ever more worrying steps toward neighbors such as Japan, the Philippines and Korea. Since 2010, a more aggressive China has increasingly threatened to pit the ?economic Asia? that was uniting without the United States against a ?security Asia? that is demanding an American pivot to balance against China?s rise.


All of the above are linked to the question of American leadership, or its absence. At the moment, America?s political class wonders whether there will be a deal made as Congress hurtles toward a fiscal cliff. But for the first time in decades, a dramatic question at the heart of the most powerful nation in the world is met outside with curiosity and concern rather than existential angst.


The fiscal cliff drama does not show America at its best ? its law-makers seem divided and disconnected from economic reality. But there is an even more shocking development about the events on Capitol Hill: the fact that that the stakes for the rest of the world seem so low. It is a sobering reminder that ? although no power has emerged to replace the United States? American leadership will not be able to stop the great unraveling. In fact, to the extent that America will continue to lead the world, it will be pioneering a focus on internal rebuilding rather than foreign adventures. ? Reuters?


Mark Leonard is co-founder and director of the European Council on Foreign Relations, the first pan-European think-tank. He is the author of "Why Europe will run the 21st Century" (2005) which was published into 20 languages and "What does China think?" (2008) which was published into 15 languages. He tweets @markhleonard.


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Essential Tips To Choose Right Budget Web Hosting | Veritas India

Posted on December 30, 2012 by dufttuey508 in Internet

Wanna select a far better internet hosting provider? Will not decide upon any web hosting provider until you may have thoroughly look at this content. For a Webmaster, make sure you fully grasp regarding the services offered from website hosting expert services and will also avert concealed bills to float your site at little fee with greatest many advantages.

Precisely what is hosting supplier?

A service provider who offers you you with room for hosting your webpages is known as web hosting supplier. Nearly all of the online websites are released for different uses starting from exclusive identification to company id.

Now a days there are certainly innumerable personal online pages particularly for their friends and family. These individual internet site personnel will often technique affordable web hosting supplier who provide solutions that holds decent for his or her spending plan.

Even if many of the webmasters are fond of windows software, Linux and Unix servers are attaining its value owing on the relevance of cost effective of software systems included and routine maintenance of internet site may be very hassle-free using the app of php and Asp.

Linux web hosting providers are mushrooming like whatever, given that the hosting is very reasonably priced in case of Linux internet hosting. When you are well versed in internet developing devices, which get the job done clearly in windows surroundings, you can easlily opt for windows server. But internet hosting vendors for UNIX server, Linux server and windows server can be obtained inside the advertise.

Value of web hosting providers

The price of website hosting exclusively relies upon on the kind of server that you?re choosing. Are you aware of that there exist differing types of programs provided for each form of web hosting? Just do investigate on the Web to find out less costly and very best internet hosting vendors.

Different programs can be obtained from differing web hosting vendors. Different types include things like Cutting-edge Method, Online business Strategy, Unique Prepare and Starter Strategy. These policies are tentative only. The majority of the internet hosting providers provide a number of names with the programs being a piece of their selling method.

If you?ve got opted higher finish plan, you will get a bunch of attributes and components bunched with that organize. Consequently you should to look at the to choose from abilities with each and every bundle. You then can consider your appropriate offer.

You may have to groundwork within the amenities available in the market with the determined package deal. You ought to view the type of database which is supported for a precise strategy, the sheer numbers of emails that will be supplied to get a distinct program, the sheer numbers of sub domains supported inside the arrange, the information transfer that is certainly allowed in a very month to get a domain, additionally, the volume of space for storing which is provided.

Many of these internet hosting vendors will charge you separately with the databases like MS SQL server with their packages. More over these amenities are certainly not out there with all the complimentary hosting vendors.

Do verify the testimonies in their potential consumers to get to understand regarding their treasured expertise. Moreover, you could examine their client?s domain for getting an idea regarding their products.

It is possible to contact the online internet hosting suppliers not simply by using mail and also via toll free numbers for purchaser company. As a particular stage more, a number of the website hosting suppliers offer 100 percent free domains for just about any packages you buy.

Like a bottom line, don?t forget to test the program from the hosting providers most definitely uptime on the server given it is crucial for uninterrupted website hosting service.

How To Decide On An Online Hosting Company can give you maximum details for Search Engine Marketing Internet Hosting And Sophistication C Ips.Be sure to drop by and see the post for additional facts!

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can't open on iPad or iPhone

Not sure if it's related or not - but seems to be the same.

That being said, here's an update now that worship is over:? The other staff member's ipad ended up having the same behavior as mine.? We tried both our wifi network and over 3G.? So, I proceeded to use my backup plan by reading the sermon notes from the Pages app.? At 11:00, right as worship started, I decided to check my iPad one more time.? It loaded, and I was able to use it as intended.? Later I talked to the staff member, who said that his started working right around that time too.? So, it worked out this time.


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Deal reached for stopping spike in milk prices

WASHINGTON (AP) ? The top leaders in both parties on the House and Senate Agriculture committees have agreed to a one-year extension of the 2008 farm bill that expired in October, a move that could head off a possible doubling of milk prices next month.

Senate Agriculture Committee Chairman Debbie Stabenow, D-Mich., indicated the House could vote on the bill soon, though House leaders have not yet agreed to put the bill on the floor. In addition to the one-year extension that has the backing of the committees, the House GOP is also considering two other extension bills: a one-month extension and an even smaller bill that would merely extend dairy policy that expires Jan. 1.

Expiration of those dairy programs could mean higher prices at the grocery store within a few weeks. Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack said Americans face the prospect of paying $7 for a gallon of milk if the current dairy program lapsed and the government returned to a 1948 formula for calculating milk price supports.

A spokesman for House Speaker John Boehner said Sunday that Republican leaders had not decided how they would proceed on the farm extension, though a vote could come as soon as Monday. Boehner has pushed back on passage of a new five-year farm bill for months, saying there were not enough votes to bring it to the House floor after the House Agriculture Committee approved it in July. The Senate passed its version of a farm bill in June.

The prospect of higher milk prices has motivated some action. The bipartisan extension also includes disaster assistance to farmers affected by a lingering drought this year, along with extensions to other farm programs that expired in October.

Instead of just extending current dairy policy, the extension bill includes an overhaul of dairy programs that was included in both the Senate and House committee bills. The new dairy programs include a new, voluntary insurance program for dairy producers. Those who choose that new program also would have to participate in a market stabilization program that could dictate production cuts when oversupply drives down prices ? an idea that hasn't gone over well with Boehner.

In July, he called the current dairy program "Soviet-style" and said the new program would make it even worse. Large food companies that process and use dairy products have backed Boehner, saying the program could limit milk supplies and increase their costs.

Stabenow blamed Boehner for getting to the point where an extension is the only option. "The lack of action by the House Republican leadership has put us in a situation where we risk serious damage to our economy unless we pass a temporary extension," she said.

One of the reasons Boehner has balked at bringing up a farm bill is disagreement within his caucus over how much money should be cut from food stamps, which make up roughly 80 percent of the half-trillion-dollar bill's cost over five years. House Agriculture Chairman Frank Lucas, R-Okla., has unsuccessfully pushed his leadership for months to move on the legislation despite the disagreement over food aid.

On Sunday, Lucas said he hoped the extension would pass both chambers quickly as GOP leadership mulled their options.

"It is not perfect ? no compromise ever is ? but it is my sincere hope that it will pass the House and Senate and be signed by the president by Jan. 1," he said.


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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Frazer Smith’s Rose Parade Show Live

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Jon Lovitz Comedy Club & Podcast Theatre 1000 Universal Studios Blvd, #222 Universal City, CA 91608 View Map

Tuesday, Jan 1 at 8:00 AM

Frazer Smith?s Rose Parade Show Live

At?Jon Lovitz?Comedy Club Jan 1st, 2013

LA Radio Legend Frazer Smith and The Go Cast Network bring the 125th?Rose Parade to the stage at Jon Lovitz Comedy Club Jan 1st, 2013 at 8am in front of a Live Audience. Frazer Smith has been covering the Tournament of Roses Parade for three decades on KLOS, KROQ, KMET and KLSX. His Comedic Commentary on the Rose Parade has become a Holiday tradition.

For several years, Smith, along with Peter "Crabman? Crabbe, made an annual tradition of offering an alternate audio commentary to television coverage of the famous?Tournament of Roses Parade. Listeners would be told to tune in to Los Angeles television station KTLA, which was hosted byStephanie Edwards?and?Bob Eubanks. Smith would tell viewers to turn down the television volume and turn up the radio to hear the comedy parody, which included discussing news themes from the past year and applying them to the floats. Smith and Crabbe would also describe the passing bands while playing over the top taped band music.
Frazer Smith is the Premiere Host in Los Angeles at the biggest comedy clubs including The Comedy Store, The Laugh Factory, The Ice House and The Improv. Once again, Frazer?s Co-Host will be Peter Crabbe, Headlining Comedian that has performed with Monty Python. The Event will be catered by the 2nd?Floor from Huntington Beach, so Patrons can expect an Outstanding Dining experience at Frazer Smith?s Live Rose Parade Coverage of the most widely viewed parade on Earth. Home Viewers can watch it all on Ustream and? New Year?s Day. Come enjoy the New Year with Fine Spirts, Great Food and Lots of Laughter at

Frazer Smith?s Rose Parade Show Live

At Jon Lovitz Comedy Club Jan 1st, 2013

Restrictions & Requirements:

  • Two items minimum per person
  • Seating First Come First Serve
  • All Shows Have Adult Content

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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Senate renews warrantless surveillance act

6 hrs.

The U.S. Senate Friday voted?overwhelmingly in favor of keeping a?George W. Bush-era surveillance law that will allow continued warrantless surveillance of Americans for the next five years.

The Senate's 73-23 vote on the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) is an extension of the warrantless wiretapping law that grants legal immunity to telecommunications providers in order to continue to assist intelligence agencies with monitoring communications.

In addition to phone calls, text messages and emails may also be obtained by investigators for counterterrorism purposes, an easy assertion for law enforcement to make, Gizmodo reports.

The Electronic Frontier Foundation, an Internet rights advocacy organization, claimed in a statement that the act "allows the government to get secret FISA court orders???orders that do not require probable cause like regular warrants???for any emails or phone calls going to and from overseas. The communications only have to deal with "foreign intelligence information," a broad term that can mean virtually anything. And one secret FISA order can be issued against groups or categories of people???potentially affecting hundreds of thousands of Americans at once."

"Incredibly, the Senate rejected all the proposed amendments that would have brought a modicum of transparency and oversight to the government's activities," the EFF said?Friday?after the vote.

The bill is now headed for President Obama's desk where he is expected to sign it. Although an identical bill elicited contentious debate in 2008, a different political climate made passage much easier now.

"This is the last opportunity for the next five years for the Congress to exercise a modest measure of real oversight over this intelligence surveillance law," Sen. Ron Wyden,?D-Oregon, told the press before the vote. "It is not real oversight when the United States Congress cannot get a yes or no answer to the question of whether an estimate currently exists as to whether law abiding Americans have had their phone calls and emails swept up under the FISA law."

Wyden had introduced an amendment to the bill that would have forced the National Security Agency?to disclose how many Americans had been affected by FISA. Since 2009 the agency has refused to share that information on the basis that it would violate the privacy of those affected.?

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Good Tasting at the South Beach Wine and Food Festival ...

Life has many pleasures, but good food and wine are near the top!? If you love a good bite paired with a perfect glass of vino be sure not to miss the South Beach, or Sobe Wine and Food Festival being held February 21-24, 2013 in Miami Beach, Florida.? Book early or you may find yourself out of luck for the best events.

This festival is being sponsored by the Food Network, so you right away you know it is going to be good!? Celebrity guests include everyone?s favorite southern charmer Paula Deen, her son Jamie Deen, Emmy award winner Giada De Laurentiis, the spunky Anne Burrell, the adorable Rachel Ray, the handsome Bobby Flay, and many more.? Celebrities are sure fun to meet and greet, but there is even more to this festival then seeing Paula Deen?s smile.? There are dinners, seminars, parties and brunches, and of course wine to keep you having one fantastic day.

One of the events to be sure to get your tickets to early includes the Garden to Glass event that will be hosted by Emeril Lagasse.? Follow the celebrity chef through the garden as he finds fruits and plants that will then be taken back in to be used in the very cocktails guests will then be enjoying.? As a foodie no doubt you?ve jumped onto the newest craze that is food trucks.? If you are in love with this mobile food option then check out the food truck event hosted by the ?Bizarre Foods? man himself Andrew Zimmern.? If some messy barbecue and some blues music is more your speed then let chef Geoffrey Zakarian and others show you how it is done.

All the great food needs some great drinks!? There will be well over 250 wineries and spirits creators at the festival, so there really will be a glass to go perfectly with every dish.? A few of the events not to miss include the House of Mandela Wine Dinner, Goya Foods? Swine & Wine hosted by Michelle Bernstein, and Beer Tasting with Spiegelau to name but a few.? Those wanting to see a bit of everything can save some money by purchasing ?package deals? or by getting their tickets online.? This truly is a food festival like no other.


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AP Source: McCoy, Hicks suspended by Texas

Texas has sent home backup quarterback Case McCoy and injured linebacker Jordan Hicks on the eve of the Alamo Bowl in San Antonio for violating team rules, a person with knowledge of the suspensions told The Associated Press.

The person spoke to the AP on condition of anonymity Friday because the school wasn't releasing the names of the suspended players. The person said the players broke curfew.

Coach Mack Brown addressed the situation during a previously schedule news conference Friday and referred to a KENS-TV report ( that police were investigating two unidentified Texas players in an alleged sexual assault at a San Antonio hotel.

"This has been reported: We had a couple young men that broke team rules last night. They have been suspended from the team and they will be sent home," Brown said at a previously scheduled news conference in San Antonio. "They will not be available for the game and I will not address any more questions in that matter."

Sgt. Javier Salazar, a San Antonio police spokesman, said only that detectives are in the early stages of investigating a case of alleged sexual assault in the downtown area. Investigators are interviewing witnesses and collecting forensic evidence, he said.

"It's a very meticulous process," Salazar said. "As far as these investigations go, it's very early."

A heavily-redacted police report says a 21-year-old woman told police she believed she was assaulted around 2 a.m. Friday after inviting two men to her hotel room. The report shows only that the men are students and that one is 21 and the other is 20. The woman told police that she had had several drinks when she invited the men to her hotel.

Police said they observed bruises on the woman's right knee and left bicep.

After talking to police, the woman was taken to a San Antonio hospital, where she was seen by a sexual assault nurse examiner, according to the report. The two suspects also were taken to the hospital and examined by the nurse, the report says.

Ben Turner, acting general manager at the Holiday Inn on San Antonio's Riverwalk, said police were summoned to the hotel between 2 and 3 a.m. Friday to investigate an alleged sexual assault. He said hotel staff was cooperating with police.

McCoy, the brother of former Texas star and current Browns quarterback Colt McCoy, has played eight games this season, including one start. He has thrown for 722 yards and six touchdowns.

Hicks was a starter but hasn't played since the third game of the season because of a hip injury.

Texas (8-4) plays Oregon State (9-3) in Saturday's game at the Alamodome. The Longhorns' walk-through at the stadium Friday afternoon was closed to the media.

Associated Press


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Thursday, December 27, 2012


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    • Close your browser, re-open it, and when prompted, select Internet Explorer as your default
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Asteroid No Threat to Earth in 2040: Study

A huge asteroid that will creep near Earth in 28 years will pass harmlessly by, a new study confirms.

New observations of the asteroid 2011 AG5 now give astronomers complete confidence that the 460?foot-wide (140 meters) space rock won't hit Earth in the year 2040. When it was discovered last year, scientists said that 2011 AG5 had a 1-in-500 chance of impact with our planet.

Astronomers solidified the asteroid's harmless status during an observation campaign in October using the Gemini North telescope in Hawaii. The finding added more support to a NASA study that came to a similar conclusion in June based on months of observations of asteroid 2011 AG5.

But now, judging by the path of the two-football-field-sized asteroid, it shouldn't get any closer than 550,000 miles (890,000 kilometers) ? about twice the distance between the Earth and the moon ? when it zips by our planet.

"These were extremely difficult observations of a very faint object," Richard Wainscoat, a member of the team of researchers that monitored 2011 AG5 said in a statement. "We were surprised by how easily the Gemini telescope was able to recover such a faint asteroid so low in the sky."Just because it is a large asteroid, doesn't mean it is easy to see, scientists said. Researchers used the Gemini North to photograph the asteroid three times in October.

NASA astronomers and other scientists regularly monitor the sky for asteroids that could pose a potential impact threat to Earth. About 9,000 such near-Earth asteroids have been discovered to date, though up to a million or more could actually exist, NASA scientists have said.

Nearly 95 percent of the largest near-Earth asteroids, those larger than one kilometer in size, have been identified, NASA scientists have said. The space agency's Asteroid Watch program to monitor nearby space rocks is based at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, Calif.

Follow? on Twitter?@Spacedotcom. We're also on Facebook?&?Google+.?

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medicate sophi: charlesmurra8: Speed reading apps for android

23 Dec

I installed some speed reading apps and tested them. I?ve so far notices a few ?categories? or groups of equals:

  • One kind exists mostly from showing a text word by word in the middle of the screen. Showing each word a very short time and so you can read at a high wpm because you never need to move your eyes.
  • Another kind is merely a speed reading article disguised as app.
  • Another kind is no speed reading app but just a reading app with a fancy name.
  • Yet another kind is training in the form of news/actually.
  • And the last kind is a training app, not for your own stuff but purely for training.

I only tested them quickly and unions talked the non-interesting. But they aren?t quite what I?m looking for. Maybe I should write one myself for training and guided reading.

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Uzbekistan: Gazprom Signs Purchase Contract ... - LNG World News

Gazprom Signs Purchase Contract and Transmission Agreement for Uzbek Gas

Led by Alexander Medvedev, Deputy Chairman of the Gazprom Management Committee, the Gazprom delegation paid today a working visit to the Republic of Uzbekistan.

As part of the visit, Alexander Medvedev and Shokir Faizullaev, Chairman of the Board of Uzbekneftegaz signed in the presence of Rustam Azimov, First Deputy Prime Minister of Uzbekistan a contract for the purchase of Uzbek gas by Gazprom and an Agreement for Gas Transmission via Uzbekistan over 2013 to 2015.

Moreover, the parties agreed to set up a joint working group for elaborating a new long-term Agreement of Strategic Cooperation between Gazprom and Uzbekneftegaz.

The Agreement of Strategic Cooperation in the gas industry between Uzbekneftegaz and Gazprom was signed on December 17, 2002. In particular, the Agreement provides for long-term procurement of Uzbek gas between 2003 and 2012, Gazprom?s participation in natural gas production projects in the Republic of Uzbekistan on the PSA terms as well as cooperation aimed at the Uzbek gas transmission infrastructure development and Central Asian gas transmission through the Republic.

In the framework of the Agreement of Strategic Cooperation, gas purchase contracts and Agreements for natural gas transmission via Uzbekistan were concluded at different times. The documents are valid through December 31 of the current year.

LNG World News Staff, December 26, 2012; Image: Gazprom


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Immigrant Beaverton School District teacher regains legal status, job ...

Mario Vilela Orozco, a Beaverton School District employee who was involved in a dispute about his visa earlier this year, has regained legal status and a teaching job.

Vilela Orozco just returned from his native Peru, where he traveled to renew his H-1B specialty occupation work visa so he could stay legally in the United States.

Vilela Orozco said his visa was approved Dec. 10 and he could begin working in January at Beaverton's Southridge High School as a social studies teacher.

Vilela Orozco, 40, had worked since 2010 as a teacher in the two-way language immersion program at Whitford Middle School.

He said he repeatedly reminded the school district to update his visa, a promise officials made when they hired him. But he was fired in June for having improper documentation and his visa expired in September. The school district agreed in October to sponsor a new visa and teaching job.

Vilela Orozco, who graduated from Portland State University, came to the United States dreaming of a steady job and prospective American citizenship. He worked for the Estacada Web Academy in Clackamas before being hired in Beaverton.

Foreigners on H1-B work visas, which are valid for three years and renewable for another three, are authorized to work only for the employer who submitted the application. Once Vilela Orozco had worked for the new school district, he violated the terms of his visa. The only way to fix it was to go back to Peru and start over.

-- Andrea Castillo


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In The Long Run ? Blog Archive ? The World Wide Web Is An ...

Becoming successful at a home-based business is not everyone?s good luck, but you should not let that keep you from trying it out. Especially today when there are plenty of computer home-based businesses that can be put in place for a very low cost. All it requires is a low cost, high-speed Internet access, and the motivation to spend a bit of time doing the research. In contrast to a local brick-and-mortar business, which is expensive to set up, and is confined to local customers, your computer business can be world wide. Anybody, in a global context, who can hook up to the Internet, can be a prospect.

I Want To Make Money

There are many ways to get your toes wet in case you are seriously considering a business online. To make a start you most definitely don?t need to be an IT nerd, but being familiar with using a personal computer would be very helpful. Frequently, making money online has nothing to do with your technical skills, but with how much you know about the things you love doing. An individual who is a proficient writer could, as an example, have a web business that does copywritng. Writing could also be done freelance, doing jobs for people who either can?t stand writing or aren?t any good at it. What it comes down to is determining a group of individuals who have a need for something, like say, articles, and providing them with it. Put together a portfolio of your work, do some marketing, and, hey presto! you?ve got a business.

Online auction web sites are another avenue from which a lot of people are making good money. You can acquire items at wholesale value and sell them at retail price, or you may already have products suitable for selling on the web. Online auction websites, such as eBay, do the hard work of bringing the customers to your offers. Your job is first off to figure out a price and list your item, then wait for the sales. As soon as your product is sold, you get sent the funds and then you have the product delivered to the customer.

Lots of erstwhile challenges and obstructions have been done away with by the advance of technology. The advent of the laptop or computer has put ownership of a business within the reach of regular individuals. Not only does the internet have a lot of products to sell, but there is ample information online to show you how to sell them. The very best way to start a business on the internet, is to find someone who has a business model you like, and pattern yours after theirs.

Instead of a fulltime business you could just be after an additional income stream, which the Internet caters for handsomely. Spend a little time on your computer looking for information on starting a web business, and you will find plenty of it. You can only start making money once you get your business started, so don?t delay in doing your research.

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On Life and Death: D&#39;var Torah for Parashat &#39;Vayechi&#39; 5773 by Prof ...

?The many years of grieving over Joseph?s death had transformed into living near his beloved son.? |?News of the death of Joseph ? by?Friedrich Wilhelm Schadow, cc: wikipedia?

In memory of Pinchas Blumenthal

Parshat Vayechi is a parsha of conclusions, of summation, of completion. It completes the personal and family story of Bereshit, preparing us for the acute shift next week from the familial plane to the national, the historic. In doing so it brings to a conclusion the great drama of Jacob?s family, from the birth of his children to immediately following his death, spread across six long, convoluted parashot. Naturally, the parsha also features the deaths of several of the heroes of that drama. The last moments of two of those ? Jacob and Joseph ? are described therein; the moments of Rachel?s death arise as a painful recollection that Jacob has carried the rest of his life, a memory that bursts forth as he prepares to bless the grandchildren that Joseph sired.

Prof. Rabbi Yehoyada Amir

Our tradition sees the deeds of our ancestors as presaging their descendants? later history, a personal narrative expression that directs the reader to the fundamental characteristics of life as the People of Israel and their path in faith and history. Kabbalistic interpretation goes further, viewing the external personal narrative as an expression of an internal divine reality, a description of the divine ?chariot? and the ?sefirot? through which it is expressed. Of course the traditional commentators had no wish to cast doubt on the historicity of the patriarchs and the reliability of the account of their lives and works, but to the same extent it is also clear that this same idea of examining the personal story through the lens of the nation?s subsequent history opens the door to just such a question. If the point of the ancestors? story is an indication of what would be demanded of their descendants; if what is told about them is subject to the weight of a built-in, set didactic-religious agenda, are we not then permitted to ask whether that means the story might not be meant to express, necessarily, historical reality? Might it not be metaphor, rather than flesh-and-blood characters? Obviously modern scholarship reinforces this question and casts the patriarchs as bona fide mythical characters, ancient founding fathers, as it were, embodying in their personalities the paths and statuses of the tribes of Israel who bear their names and are said to be their direct descendants. Modern scholarship portrays them as characters living the national and religious consciousness of the readers of the text ? Jewish and Christian ? and not necessarily or specifically in an actual historical milieu.

From the myth to the concrete

Whatever our opinion or belief regarding this question, there appears to be one fundamental element of the story whose actual historicity is difficult to deny. It is all too evident that the descriptions of the patriarchs? deaths faithfully express a historical fact of life, the way people experienced life and death, the way they treated life and death, the way they placed one next to the other in their emotional and spiritual weltanschauung. Otherwise, how was the story of the founding fathers? lives and deaths written? How could the story be expected to generate believability in the eyes of its readers? How else could the story arouse the spirit and emotions of its readers? Even if we do not know exactly when they were written, how they came together or who wrote them, we can readily believe that they convey something profound and precise regarding the way in which the members of an ancient society, our distant ancestors, encountered their life and death ? their own and their relatives?.

The parsha begins with word of Jacob?s imminent demise, seventeen years after he reaches Egypt. We can assume those were good, joyful years. The terrible rift in the family was healed; the many years of grieving over Joseph?s death had transformed into living near his beloved son. Fear had given way to a peaceful, safe life. And now this episode in life was drawing to a close. Jacob is aware of impending death, and that awareness dictates all of his actions in this parsha. How does he know? The text does not tell us directly, but perhaps that is unnecessary. The narrative simply assumes that at a certain point an aged person knows the end is near.

Cenotaph of Jacob, Cave of the Patriarchs

Cenotaph of Jacob, Cave of the Patriarchs | cc: wikipedia

Joseph is the first to be called to his father?s deathbed, and reasonably so. Joseph is the potentate; it is only proper that Jacob?s will and testament regarding his burial be given first to him. However, after Jacob makes Joseph swear to bury him in the Machpelah Cave in the land of Israel, far from their current habitat, he also seeks to bless Joseph?s sons. And with his son and grandsons present, having seen to his burial arrangements, he recalls the moment of his beloved wife Rachel?s death ? the mother from whom Joseph received precious few years of mothering; the grandmother of the boys awaiting their blessing. ?And I, as I was returning from Padan, Rachel died upon me in the land of Canaan along the road, some distance before Efrata; I buried her there on the road to Efrata, that is, Bethlehem.? (Genesis 48:7). He is not merely recalling how his beloved wife died during childbirth. His whole life since then, he has carried the burden of his failure to bring her to a proper burial in the family tomb. As Rashi comments: ?Even though I am burdening you with carrying me to the land of Canaan, while I did not do so for your mother, who died near Bethlehem.? Now, living under his son?s protection, as he is about to bless her grandsons before his death, and he finally secures Joseph?s commitment to bury him in the family plot, he can only recall the painful memory and confess his decades-old weakness.

?The recognition of approaching death

Whereas in contrast, the prospect of his own imminent death does not seem to move Jacob very much. It is accepted with quietude, a fact that simply demands a certain course of action. Once he warmly blesses Joseph?s sons, who were born before the family reunified, the time comes for him to address all his children. ?Jacob summoned his sons, and said, ?Gather, and I shall tell you what will happen to you at the end of days.?? (49:1). Unlike his words to his grandchildren, Jacob?s address to his sons is not restricted to blessing them; he lays out the future that awaits them and the tribes that will descend from them, making value judgments about his sons? actions. Textual critics, it should be noted, view these passages as a later composition relating to the tribes themselves and their fates, much more than to those ancient mythic figures of Jacob and his sons.

The difficult content of that address is less important to us than the situation under description. The dying man is surrounded by his whole family. Just as Isaac and Ishmael managed to overcome their divisions and bury Abraham together (25:9), and just as Jacob and Esav momentarily reunited to bury their father Isaac (35:29), all of Jacob?s sons unite ? above the rivalries, fights and hatred that marked their lives for such a long time ? and stand around their father?s deathbed. ?Jacob finished commanding his sons; he gathered his feet onto the bed and died, and was collected unto his people? (49:33).

It is difficult to say what is being described in a man ?gathering his feet onto the bed.? It is much easier to understand what is conveyed by being ?gathered unto his people,? who have already lived and died. The reference is not to the Coming World, a concept that the Biblical text does not recognize; the deceased patriarchs continue to exist in the memories of the living, of those who see themselves as the perpetuators of the dynasty, as children following the footsteps of the previous generations.

A moment of pain and grief

The moment of death of a moment of pain and grief. That is expressed in the story by Joseph falling upon his father?s face and crying. Even more important is the treatment of the body. Since this took place in Egypt, it includes embalmment and a mourning period, both for Jacob and later or Joseph, whose death is recounted some verses later. Because the principals are Hebrews of the family of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, the main element of the posthumous care is fulfilling Jacob?s wish to be buried in the Machpelah Cave; for Joseph, such a fulfillment will only occur in the distant future when ?God will surely take note of you and raise you up out of this land into the land that He swore to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob? (50:24). But despite the occurrence of mourning and burial the story does not convey sadness; the sense is not one of loss, but one of a journey coming to an end and the next generations taking up the mission. Those who stood at Jacob?s bedside as he said his last words, whereupon he gathered his feet onto the bed, are ready to face the challenges that tomorrow brings. Thus, at least as the story relates, the people went on with their lives after accompanying the funeral procession. When this story was written, that was how people lived and died; that is how life and death met and kissed.

We have lost much of that ability. With the development of modern society, with the advent of advanced medicine and the dissolution of the extended family, we have lost much of fundamental realization that death is part of life; that true life also means gathering around the deathbeds every now and again. We fear death, try to hide it, bury the dead far away from us, in hospitals, nursing homes, and try not to expose our children to it. There is much blessing in modern medicine and in the medical care facilities we have developed; they add much to our quality of life. But the attempt to conceal death and hide from it, is not just pointless and a lie; it is also dangerous and unethical. It is a lie because death is present in our lives whether we look at it or not. The more we hide it and from it, the more threatening and demonic it becomes. It is unethical because it leads us to leave the dying alone, physically, emotionally and spiritually, at the very moments we are bidden to gather around them, stay with them, listen to their voices and pleas. Death at a ripe old age or premature death ? they both call us to be present when life approaches death, no less than during mourning, once the deceased already lies before us.

Our parsha seeks to teach us this, as well. It seeks to teach us to gather around the dying man while he still lives, when his moments are numbered. It seeks to teach us to listen to the woman on her way to death, to her feelings, her wishes. She requires that we be present, extend a hand, restore the ?kindness and truth? that once upon a time people knew how to provide naturally, automatically. Anyone who can live that way all his life knows that he truly loved, that he paid his debt; such a person can hope that when her time comes, she will find the strength to say quietly and confidently he final words ? and that her loved ones will be there during her last, sacred moments, after which she will gather her feet onto the bed and be gathered unto her mothers.


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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Storms, tornado threats for Christmas around US

NEW ORLEANS (AP) -- Freezing rain and sleet made for a sloppy Christmas morning trek in parts of the nation's midsection on Tuesday, while residents along the Gulf Coast braced for thunderstorms, high winds and tornadoes.

Icy roads already were blamed for a 21-vehicle pileup in Oklahoma, where authorities warned would-be travelers to stay home. Fog blanketed highways, including arteries in the Atlanta area where motorists slowed as a precaution. In New Mexico, drivers across the eastern plains had to fight through snow, ice and low visibility.

At least two tornadoes were reported in Texas, though only one building was damaged, according to the National Weather Service. More than 150 flights nationwide were canceled by midday, according to the flight tracker More than half were canceled by American Airlines and its regional affiliate, American Eagle.

American is headquartered and has its biggest hub at Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport.

Meanwhile, a blizzard watch was posted for parts of Indiana and western Kentucky for storms expected to unfold Tuesday amid predictions of up to 4 to 7 inches of snow in coming hours. Much of Oklahoma and Arkansas braced under a winter storm warning of an early mix of rain and sleet forecast to eventually turn to snow.

Some mountainous areas of Arkansas' Ozark Mountains could get up to 10 inches of snow, which would make travel "very hazardous or impossible" in the northern tier of the state from near whiteout conditions, the National Weather Service said.

Elsewhere, areas of east Texas and Louisiana braced for possible thunderstorms as forecasters eyed a developing storm front expected to spread across the Gulf Coast to the Florida Panhandle.

The holiday may conjure visions of snow and ice, but twisters this time of year are not unheard of. Ten storm systems in the last 50 years have spawned at least one Christmastime tornado with winds of 113 mph or more in the South, said Chris Vaccaro, a National Weather Service spokesman in Washington, via email.

The most lethal were the storms of Dec. 24-26, 1982, when 29 tornadoes in Oklahoma, Missouri, Arkansas, Tennessee and Mississippi killed three people and injured 32; and those of Dec. 24-25, 1964, when two people were killed and about 30 people injured by 14 tornadoes in seven states.

Quarter-sized hail reported early Tuesday in western Louisiana was expected to be just the start of a severe weather threat on the Gulf Coast, said meteorologist Mike Efferson at the weather service office in Slidell, La. Tornado watches were in effect across southeastern Texas and southern Louisiana.

Storms along the Gulf Coast could bring winds up to 70 mph, heavy rain, more large hail and dangerous lightning in Louisiana and Mississippi, Efferson said. Furthermore, warm, moist air colliding with a cold front could produce dangerous straight-line winds.

The storm was moving quickly and was expected to intensify as it headed into northeast Louisiana and Mississippi into the late afternoon and early evening, said Bill Adams at the weather service's Shreveport, La., office.

In Mississippi, Gov. Phil Bryant urged residents to have a plan for any severe weather.

"It only takes a few minutes, and it will help everyone have a safe Christmas," Bryant said.

In Alabama, the director of the Emergency Management Agency, Art Faulkner, said he has briefed both local officials and Gov. Robert Bentley on plans for dealing with a possible outbreak of storms.

No day is good for severe weather, but Faulkner said Christmas adds extra challenges because people are visiting unfamiliar areas and often thinking more of snow than possible twisters.

In California, after a brief reprieve across the northern half of the state on Monday, wet weather was expected to make another appearance on Christmas Day. Flooding and snarled holiday traffic were expected in Southern California.


Associated Press writer Bob Johnson in Montgomery, Ala., and Ken Miller in Oklahoma City, Okla., contributed to this report.


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Stocks fall as lawmakers doubt budget deal

Stocks are down Wall Street amid concern that lawmakers will fail to reach a deal to stop the U.S. going over the so-called fiscal cliff.

The Dow Jones industrial average is down 32 points at 13,158. The Standard & Poor's 500 index is off four points at 1,426. The Nasdaq composite is down nine points at 3,012.

Sen. Joe Lieberman said Sunday that it "It's the first time that I feel it's more likely we'll go over the cliff than not," following the collapse late Thursday of House Speaker John Boehner's plan to allow tax rates to rise on million-dollar-plus incomes. Wyoming Sen. Jon Barrasso, a member of the Republican leadership, predicted the new year would come without an agreement.


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looking for a mapmaker

I am looking for a mapmaker someone who can do two maps for my rp miathan

1 for locations on the surface of the world and 2 to show underground both natural caves and passages leadind to various loctions such as the city of the dead in the underworld as well as the dwarfs mines and miathans underground

if anyone can do this please pm me chrono !


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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

AP: 'Odd Couple,' 'Quincy' star Jack Klugman dies

Nina Prommer / EPA file

Jack Klugman in Santa Monica, Calif., in June 2008.

By Anthony McCartney, The Associated Press

LOS ANGELES -- Jack Klugman, the prolific, craggy-faced character actor and regular guy who was loved by millions as the messy one in TV's "The Odd Couple" and the crime-fighting coroner in "Quincy, M.E.," died Monday, a son told the Associated Press. He was 90.

Klugman, who lost his voice to throat cancer in the 1980s and trained himself to speak again, died with his wife at his side.

"He had a great life and he enjoyed every moment of it and he would encourage others to do the same," son Adam Klugman said.

Adam Klugman said he was spending Christmas with his brother, David, and their families. Their father had been convalescing for some time but had apparently died suddenly and they were not sure of the exact cause.

"His sons loved him very much," David Klugman said. "We'll carry on in his spirit."

Never anyone's idea of a matinee idol, Klugman remained a popular star for decades simply by playing the type of man you could imagine running into at a bar or riding on a subway with?-- gruff, but down to earth, his tie stained and a little loose, a racing form under his arm, a cigar in hand during the days when smoking was permitted.

The Odd Couple TV series intro.

His was a city actor ideal for "The Odd Couple," which ran from 1970 to 1975 and was based on Neil Simon's play about mismatched roommates, divorced New Yorkers who end up living together. The show teamed Klugman?-- the sloppy sports writer Oscar Madison -- and Tony Randall?-- the fussy photographer Felix Unger -- in the roles played by Walter Matthau and Art Carney on Broadway and Matthau and Jack Lemmon in the 1968 film. Klugman had already had a taste of the show when he replaced Matthau on Broadway and he learned to roll with the quick-thinking Randall, with whom he had worked in 1955 on the CBS series "Appointment with Adventure."

"There's nobody better to improvise with than Tony," Klugman said. "A script might say, 'Oscar teaches Felix football.' There would be four blank pages. He would provoke me into reacting to what he did. Mine was the easy part."

Reuters file

Actors Jack Klugman, left, portraying Oscar Madison, and Tony Randall, portraying Felix Unger, in a scene from their 1970's television series "The Odd Couple."

They were battlers on screen, and the best of friends in real life. When Randall died in 2004 at age 84, Klugman told CNN: "A world without Tony Randall is a world that I cannot recognize."

In "Quincy, M.E.," which ran from 1976 to 1983, Klugman played an idealistic, tough-minded medical examiner who tussled with his boss by uncovering evidence of murder in cases where others saw natural causes.

"We had some wonderful writers," he said in a 1987 Associated Press interview. "Quincy was a muckraker, like Upton Sinclair, who wrote about injustices. He was my ideal as a youngster, my author, my hero.

"Everybody said, 'Quincy'll never be a hit.' I said, 'You guys are wrong. He's two heroes in one, a cop and a doctor.' A coroner has power. He can tell the police commissioner to investigate a murder. I saw the opportunity to do what I'd gotten into the theater to do?-- give a message.

"They were going to do cops and robbers with 'Quincy.' I said, 'You promised me I could do causes.' They said, 'Nobody wants to see that.' I said, 'Look at the success of "60 Minutes." They want to see it if you present it as entertainment.'"

For his 1987 role as 81-year-old Nat in the Broadway production of "I'm Not Rappaport," Klugman wore leg weights to learn to shuffle like an elderly man. He said he would wear them for an hour before each performance, "to remember to keep that shuffle."

"The guy is so vital emotionally, but physically he can't be," Klugman said.

"We treat old people so badly. There is nothing easy about 80."

Getty, Reuters, Getty

The son of Russian Jewish immigrants, he was born in Philadelphia and began his acting career in college drama (Carnegie Institute of Technology). After serving in the Army during World War I, he went on to summer stock and off-Broadway, rooming with fellow actor Charles Bronson as both looked for paying jobs. He made his Broadway debut in 1952 in a revival of "Golden Boy." His film credits included Sidney Lumet's "12 Angry Men" and Blake Edwards' "Days of Wine and Roses" and an early television highlight was appearing with Humphrey Bogart and Henry Fonda in a production of "The Petrified Forest." His performance in the classic 1959 musical "Gypsy" brought him a Tony nomination for best featured (supporting) actor in a musical.

He also appeared in several episodes of "The Twilight Zone," including a memorable 1963 one in which he played a negligent father whose son is seriously wounded in Vietnam. His other TV shows included "The Defenders" and the soap opera "The Greatest Gift."

In a 1987 interview in the New York Daily News, he said, "once I did three hourlong shows in 2? weeks. Think we'd do that now? Huh! But then it was great. I did summer stock, played the classics. Me!"

Throat cancer took away his raspy voice for several years in the 1980s. When he was back on the stage for a 1993 revival of "Three Men on a Horse," The Associated Press review said, "His voice may be a little scratchy but his timing is as impeccable as ever."

"The only really stupid thing I ever did in my life was to start smoking," he said in 1996. Seeing people smoking in television and films, he added, "disgusts me, it makes me so angry?-- kids are watching."

In his later years, he guest-starred on TV series including "Third Watch" and "Crossing Jordan" and appeared in a 2010 theatrical film, "Camera Obscura."

Klugman's hobby was horse racing and he eventually took up raising them, too.

"I always loved to gamble," he said. "I never got close to a horse. Fate dealt me a terrible blow when it gave me a good horse the first time out. I thought how easy this is.

"Now I love being around them."

Klugman's wife, actress-comedian Brett Somers, played his ex-wife, Blanche, in the "Odd Couple" series. The couple, who married in 1953 and had two sons, Adam and David, had been estranged for years at the time of her death in 2007.

In February 2008, at age 85, Klugman married longtime girlfriend Peggy Crosby.

In 1997, Klugman was sued by an ex-girlfriend, Barbara Neugass, who claimed he had promised to support her for the rest of her life. But a jury rejected her claim.

-- Biographical material in this story was written by former AP staffer Polly Anderson.


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A Guide To Buying The Solar Panels - News and Society

A solar panel is a device that converts light from the sun into usable electricity, the same electricity we use to power our homes, devices, appliances, and even some vehicles. The stronger the solar light is, the more energy can the solar equipment generate. Using solar power comes with many advantages. You can visit for more details.

For instance, if you use your solar heat equipment to power your electric based heating system, you won?t experience any recurring monthly expenses linked to the heating of your home. When you use oil or gas-based heaters, you must pay the gas or oil consumption cost monthly in order to uphold the continuous heating of your home. Check out.

Since solar energy is free of charge, you can run your electric based heating or cooling system without experiencing any additional monthly expenses. A lot of people like to use solar power for the reason that it is a clean energy source, and not hurtful to the environment. Some countries, the US included, in fact offer tax incentives and benefits to people who buy solar panels and produce their own electricity!

Now, when buying these heat panels, there are many things to consider. One of the most essential factors is to consider your electrical requirements. Check or estimate the power consumption required for any of the electrical appliances in your home that you?d like to power with your solar heat system. Most people use the energy to heat their water, because a water heater or air conditioner typically consumes a lot of electricity.

Make an inventory of the wattage ratings for any electrical appliances you might want to power with the solar panel, add up all those wattage amounts and that will provide you with an idea about the amount of electricity you are consuming monthly when using those particular devices and appliances. When selecting your panels, select the ones with a slighter higher wattage rating than the amount you calculated from your inventory. This ensures that the panels you will be buying will have enough power production for your appliances.

Considering the desired position for your panels can also have an effect on how much you expend on the purchase. You want your solar equipment to have maximum light exposure during the day. The most favorable placement of a solar panels involves installing them so that they directly face the sun between the hours of 9AM to 3PM, which is when the sun is at its brightest. There are add-ons that can be purchased to help guarantee maximum light compilation by the solar heat system. A solar tracker is an example of this, but it is an additional outlay. Furthermore, because the solar tracker is powered by electricity generated from the panel, the output of your panels will be lessened by its power utilization. After all, you can visit for more solar panels.


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