Monday, December 31, 2012

The Princess of Death

~~~Chapter One: The Princess of Death~~~
Henne Village

?P-please don?t leave miss!? a little villager girl yelped, she had carrot top hair tied into two ponytails and tan skin covered in freckles. ?Not without protection! It?s dangerous outside of this village!? she reached for the woman?s hand with violet, long hair. The little girl was plump and felt bony fingers between her own. Looking down at her, the woman couldn?t help but imagine her as a helpless puppy, begging for its owner to stay.

?If what the Chief has said is true?then I must go,? Her voice was low and mature for her age, whatever that may be. She didn?t quite remember any of that, only her name.

?Not without protection! Look, there is a hunter in town, I?m sure he?ll be of use!? The little girl persuaded, but the woman just shook her head solemnly.

?No, that is quite all right. I?m not very?fond of hunters,? she said, feeling like scissors were ripping her heart apart. She hated how the human body could remember things but her mind could not, ?Besides, I have no money,? which proved another dilemma, how was she going to get around, get food, places to stay? She didn?t know how to hunt or set up shelters, or maybe she did?but she didn?t remember. ?You be good now Lucy, you hear? And thank you for finding me, ? she smiled like a Princess and bent down to kiss the girl, known as Lucy, on the cheek. Lucy hugged her tightly and the woman returned the kind gesture. ?I?ll be alright, don?t worry,? she broke the embrace, opened the door, and left. All the little girl could hear was her beating heart pounding loudly against her chest and the woman?s heels click on the transparent pavement outside.

?Goodbye?.Jay? tears fell from her eyes, they tasted like salt. She wiped away her tears, ?I-I need to get help,? she dug into her pockets, no money. She searched around her house, in drawers, cabinets, boxes, under beds. No money. Except 10 Yil. This was like a fifty cents in American currency. Lucy ran out of the house and scurried down to a bar, where she had heard a hunter was stopping by. She ran pass house after house, her bare feet pressing hard against the cold cement. Curses came out of people?s mouths as she pushed past them, knocking over baskets of fruit: apples, oranges, lemons, peaches, anything you could think of.

She quickly opened the bar door, and it banged hard against the wall behind it. It reverberated through the room, causing an awkward silence to storm in. Everyone looked at her, some with anger, curiosity, disbelief that a little girl was in a bar. ?I-I need the Hunter,? Lucy squeaked, ?The Hunter, Trevor Belmont. I-I?? she paused, sweat dripping down the side of her temple, ?I-I need your help,?

Henne Village-Docks

Jay sighed; she couldn?t even pay for a ride to Yaoon Kingdom, wherever that may be. She kicked over a random barrel, causing fish to splatter everywhere. She looked around, looked back at the fish, put her hands behind her back, and walked away while whistling. Once she got far enough, she started to jog. Two men huffed in annoyance and frustration as they picked the barrel and fish back up. She could smell the raw fish all the way from over here. Gross. Jay sat on a random bench at the entrance to the dock and sighed. The Chief had said that if she wanted to recover her memories, she should pass Yaoon Kingdom and go into Nalbudis City, asking for a Nahallamn who would tell her what to do next. He suggested that she shouldn?t go alone; maybe hire some mercenaries and hunters, someone to protect her. But she refused.

?I?m a Princess! I can take care of myself,? she yelled as she straightened her posture and held her shoulders beck, legs put to the side and pointed, her hands rested neatly on her lap. She blinked. ?Where did that come from?.... Princess?? her face contorted into one of confusion, ?And?why am I sitting like this? It?s weird, and it looks uncomfortable!? she paused, ?But?it?s not,? she said in sudden realize and shook her head, ?Oh this doesn?t matter, how in bloody hell am I suppose to get one of these boats without money?? she groaned, a strong British accent edged into her voice.


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