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By Cass@frugalfamily, on December 17th, 2012

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This week is my favourite week of the year ? we always have lots planned and everything just seems more exciting because we know that Christmas is so close. ?We do have something planned for every night this week so meal planning is going to be a bit manic but I?m going to stick with it because I want to have a little extra to spend on next weeks food budget ;-)

Monday ? School party for Miss Frugal and I have one of Master Frugal?s friends for tea so it?s going to be quick and easy for the kids. ?I have some chicken pieces in the freezer so I might try some homemade chicken nuggets with potato wedges and beans. ?Mr Frugal is at work until eight so I think I?ll be make fishy pasta bake ready for when he comes home as he?ll be shattered.

Tuesday ? This year I?ve made some amazing friends and every week we?ve been taking it in turns having tea with all the kids and I look forward to our little get together every week. ?There?s three of us with five children between us and tea is usually quick and easy ? something along the lines of pizza, garlic bread, fries or wedges, chicken nuggets. ?It?s not my turn this week so I have a night off cooking :-)

Wednesday ? We?re at a pantomime tonight but it?s a late start so we?ve got plenty of time for tea. ?Master Frugal has asked for Toad in the Hole (except he wants his toads out of the holes ? don?t ask) so we?ll have that with mash and veg I think.

Thursday ? I?m out tonight for tea and drinks with friends so nothing for the grown ups and I think I?ll do Macaroni cheese with and?broccoli?in it for the kids.

Friday ? Tea tonight with another amazing friend tonight - Jen from the madhouse and her lovely boys this time.

Saturday ? I think we?re going to the pictures on Saturday to see some sort of Christmas film, I?m not sure what else we?ll be doing but I?m hoping it involves Santa and mulled wine ;-) ?For tea, I think I?ll make a chilli in the slow cooker so I can pop it in in the morning and it?ll be ready whenever we want it.

Sunday ? This is the one day of the week I?m not looking forward to. ?Mr Frugal has his MRI scan mid afternoon and I think he?ll be too nervous to do much beforehand and I?ve no idea how he?ll feel after. ?It?s officially the start of Christmas though as it?s the first day we all have off together so I really hope he?s in and out so we can get on with Christmas. ?We?ll be having slow cooker brisket today when we get home from the hospital. ?We?l also be having our walk round the neighbourhood tonight on the hunt for the best Christmas lights so there?ll be hot chocolate, squirty cream and marshmallows later in the day.

Fishy pasta bake
250g dried pasta
2 tins condensed tomato soup
250ml milk
Fish ? I used 1 tin tuna and 2 cod fillets but prawns are lovely as is most fish.
Grated cheese to top it off

  1. Start cooking the pasta in lightly salted boiling water.
  2. While that?s cooking, gently heat the soup and the milk in a saucepan and if you have a third pair of hands you need to cook the fish fillets. ?I just pop mine in the oven to cook while the pasta?s cooking but you can cook it anyway you like.
  3. In an oven proof dish, add the cooked pasta and pour over the creamy tomato sauce.
  4. Flake the fish fillets into the dish, add your tuna, prawns and whatever other fish you?re using and if your family aren?t as fussy as mine you could also add some sweetcorn at this stage.
  5. Top with grated cheese and pop back in the oven until the cheese is bubbling.

Since we got involved with the Fish is the Dish campaign we?ve eaten a lot more fish which can only be good for us. ?We got a lovely delivery from them the other day containing a lovely fish cook book and some gorgeous fish ? thanks very much.

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