Sunday, December 23, 2012

Getting a Hearing Test for Infants

Having a child with special needs is difficult. When you find out that another need may be an inability to hear, it might be overwhelming. A hearing test may be necessary. When you suspect a problem, you should make an appointment with your primary care physician because he or she should be able to tell if it could just be fluid in the ears from allergies or a cold. This may not always be ruled out immediately. From there, you may be directed to an Ear, Nose, and Throat Doctor, an audiologist, or both.

If you are referred to an Ear, Nose, and Throat Doctor, he or she will check on the anatomy of the ear, because this could be a problem that stems from your child?s already present needs. He or she will also check for fluid, or even wax build-up. Wax can be suctioned out with the special equipment that is in the office. This doctor may or may not have an audiologist on staff who will be able to help you with special testing, or you may be referred elsewhere to have this done.

Many times people think of those needing a hearing test as being older individuals, but there are actually many young people who have a difficulty in this area. If you suspect that your infant or even toddler is struggling, early intervention is key to helping them live a more normal life. To many children, hearing aids are normal. That is all they have ever known, and it is what gives them the ability to communicate. That is why early intervention is so important because aids can be fitted early on to enable better speech and language development.

Waiting to find out the prognosis can be the most difficult part. It is important to stay positive no matter what you are hearing from doctors and audiologists. Sometimes a second opinion will be necessary in order to get the answers you need. Sometimes, the whole problem could be from fluid in the ear, and that can often be remedied with tubes. Other times, it may have something to do with the connection between the ear and the brain. This is more difficult to understand, but there is still help for children with these problems.

If you fear that your child may not hear, do not let fear keep you from finding out the truth. Visit your pediatrician, and then try to schedule a professional hearing test.

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