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It is safe to assume that everyone with a bike should have a set of bicycle tools that they keep with them all times. This set of tools will be able to help you in solving problems related to your bike. If possible, you need to carry the tool with you everywhere and every time you ride your bicycle. It eases you in fixing problems you have with your bike. There are some tools that must be present in your bicycle tool box. Without these tools, you will find it difficult to fix the bike yourself.

The first bicycle tools you must have are tubes. If you have a bike, it is suggested that you have at least two extra tubes with you. Tubes or tire valves can be found in almost every bike store around you. There are two types of tire valve owned by almost every bike that are released recently. Those tubes are called "Presta" and "Shrader". The former is a valve tire that comes from France. It is also called French valve. This valve is characterized as small and thin. The latter, on the other hand, is bigger than the former and looks a lot like a car tire valve.

The second tool is a lever for the tires. This tool is an important bicycle tool you should have. Lever is shaped like a beer bottle opener and is used to detach the tires from the wheels. Since it can break the tires, you have to be really careful in using it. If you go to bike stores, you will find that lever is sold in a set.

The third tool is a bicycle pump. This is an essential bicycle tool that people must have. The bike pump that you should have is the one that is attachable to your bike. People call this kind of pump as a frame pump. The characteristic of this pump is its light weight. This pump can come in handy during a sudden flat tire during a cycling activity. Using a pump requires practice and an inexperienced person can experience difficulty in doing so.

Other bicycle tools that are needed are a bicycle patch repair kit, which serves as a back up when there is a sudden flat tire; a "Presta" valve adapter that is used to repair a flat tire that your friend may have, which weighs less than the frame pump; and carbon dioxide cartridge inflation that you can use when you do not have times to fix a flat tire yourselves. These tools are really necessary helpful to your bike. So, if you have not had them with you, you should buy them right away.

Furthermore, there are also some regular maintenance bicycle tools. First tool that should be owned is cleaning liquid. This liquid is usually sold with soft cloths. You can use the soft cloths to help you apply the cleaning liquid on your bike. However, you have to be careful not to scratch the surface of your bike. The second maintenance tool is a screwdriver. You need to have, at least, two kinds of screwdriver for your bike, which are flat head and cross-head or Phillips screwdrivers. Next tool that needs to be possessed is a pair of pliers. It is better to have both short and long pliers. The following tool is a wire cutter that you usually can get together with the pliers. A small hammer is complimentary if you need to hit a part of the bike to get it back to its place. Other maintenance tools are plastic tire levers, which are used to peel off the bike tires; a torch to calibrate the disc brakes; a set of wrenches; brush, to clean the various parts of your bike; and a toothbrush for bike parts that are hard to reach with brush.

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