Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Odds and Ends: 20 year forecasts; Roll 'em down; Canada v America

> Airbus, Boeing, Bombardier > Odds and Ends: 20 year forecasts; Roll ?em down; Canada v America &?Romney

20 Year Forecasts: The Blog by Javier (who works for Airbus Military) has this analysis of 20 year forecasts. It?s pretty interesting. He also references an earlier post but didn?t link it; here it is. Here is another link to another comparison posting. This link, a bit older, specifically discusses the VLA category.

These are a good set of analyses.

Roll down the windows: Mitt Romney wonders why the windows don?t open on airplanes. And he wants to ?own? Air Force One?

America First? Not so much. Ann Romney flies in a Canadian Bombardier Challenger 600 instead of an American Gulfstream. And we thought Romney was all about American jobs. The right-wing wacko Rush Limbaugh types got on Obama for the Secret Service buying a Canadian-built bus (wasn?t even Obama?s doing). Where are the America-Firsters for not flying an American aircraft?


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