Friday, September 21, 2012

Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively: Married Legally!

Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively's secret wedding September 9 wasn't actually official. The pair tied the knot, legally, five days later in Charleston, S.C.

Say what now?

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds married in an intimate ceremony a week ago Sunday, but legally, the happy couple wasn't hitched until September 14.

Lively and Reynolds

Documents show Reynolds, 35, and Lively, 25, applied for a marriage license on Thursday, September 13, and actually got married the following day.

The law mandates that there be a 24-hour waiting period between filing an application for a marriage license and the time the license can be issued.

A couple is also required to apply for the license in person. The cost of a marriage license: $70. This certainly helps explain how they kept it secret.

Everyone involved was asked to sign non-disclosure agreements, from the children's choir to the cake makers, and phones were confiscated at the door.

Congratulations again to the newlyweds! And well played!


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