Thursday, October 6, 2011

Long Distance Relationship Gifts ? Perfect Gifts for Your Long ...

Do you get asked out on lots of dates, but then never seem to be able to get past one or two dates with a guy? You look good and have lots of talk about, but somehow guys still seem to lose interest? Have you witnessed girls who are much less pretty than you get and keep a man?

Don?t listen to the negative comments people make. If you work hard, you can make it work. Put in the extra work and it will be a success. Don?t just assume he?ll be showering you with presents. You should provide him with some nice surprises too. There are lots of great long distance relationship gifts that you can get for your man. Even just small things will make him feel really special. Here are some suggestions of great long distance relationship gifts for your man. Don?t let the physical distance between the two of you take away from your relationship.

Living without Cell Phone or Texting for a Day A few weeks ago, I had a full day of scheduled client appointments. I left home to meet a couple having communication problems in their relationship and wanting some tools to help them stop reacting to each other?s words. Upon arriving at the couple?s home, I noticed my phone was missing. I experienced about five seconds of sheer panic and a short-term satisfying thought of going back home to retrieve it even though that would make me late for my appointment.

Sanity set back in when the sixth second struck. I knew where and when to be that day and more importantly, the awareness that I could do without my phone for a day. I was very attached to my cell phone and decided to change that habit. Now, I only check my phone a few times a day instead of every few minutes.

Are You Addicted to Your Cell Phone? Cell phones have ring tones, so when you are available to speak or text, your phone let you know someone has contacted you. This allows you to be free and not chained to your phone.

Phone card Give your man a phone card, so he can always ring you when he feels like a chat. Especially if he?s away studying, he might be short of money, so a phone card is a great gift for him so he feels he can contact you whenever he needs you.

Are you addicted to your cell phone? What if we felt the same way about our partners as we do about our cell phones? What if we gave our partners the love and acceptance and attention we give our phones? What if the time we spent tuning and customizing our cell phones to our likes could also be spent working on our relationships to find mutual solutions to make our relationships more fulfilling and loving? If you or your partner has this habit, work out a mutual agreement when you spend time together to turn off your technology and turn on each other!

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