Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Determining the Thickness of Concrete Garage Floors

Making a concrete garage floor is very tough and unattainable job. It requires a lot of effort and also precision in order to determine and make a perfect garage floor for you. There are many different uses a garage can serve on, and each of the uses is various unique. But determining the thickness of the concrete floor as per the use is very important. The standard thickness of a normal garage floor is six inches with proper control joints. This is the standard version of usage and most of the concrete garages have the same use like any other garages. The work you want to do on the garage and the number of vehicles as well as the types of vehicles that you plan to store or keep in the garage can effectively determine the making and thickness of the concrete that needs to be poured. There are basically three types of uses that can be thought of while determining the thickness, first is the light use, second is the medium use and third is the heavy use. Depending on these three very different uses it is easy to determine the depth for making a concrete garage floor. For small cars and light trucks, not too many in number light concrete will be perfect, for average sized vehicle to medium or heavy truck it is necessary that thickness of the garages should be more than the light and for heavy use the standard size of 6 inches will not do, you need to pour in more concrete and make it at least 8 to 10 inches thick. If the thickness of the floor is proper as per the usage and necessity then the garage can be a long lasting one and surely reliable.

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