Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Difference Between DOS and UNIX


In today?s modern computing world, seeing a text-based interface can be quite daunting. Many people can?t even tell one from the other. DOS and UNIX are two operating systems that are predominantly text based. Although they might look similar, there are a lot of differences between them. Let?s start off with the GUI. DOS doesn?t have its own GUI so you are restricted to the command line. In contrast, UNIX can have a GUI just like most Linux variants. Most people who have UNIX setups forego the GUI to maximize performance.

The primary advantage of UNIX over DOS is its security. Although it greatly adds to the complexity of the operating system, it is essential for an operating system that is mainly used as a server. DOS was meant to be an operating system for personal computers and sacrificed security to make it easier to use.

There are a couple of usage differences between DOS and UNIX. The first difference is the case sensitivity of UNIX but not DOS. So in UNIX, the files example.exa and Example.exa can exist in the same folder but not in DOS. As long as the filename has the same characters, they would be considered as identical by DOS. The second, and less consequential of the two, is the use of slashes. DOS uses backslashes (\) to separate directories. In contrast, UNIX uses forward slashes (/) in its directory structure. These are just things to remember if you are familiar with one or the other.

The differences between UNIX and DOS are largely attributed to what they were meant to do. Nowadays, UNIX is still used with servers due to its light and performance-oriented nature. Only a handful of people have the ability to work with it. Although DOS was initially meant for personal computers, it has been replaced by more intuitive and easier-to-use operating systems like Windows, OS X, and even Linux. The only niche where DOS is still used is in embedded systems largely due to its very minimal requirements.


1.UNIX can have a GUI while DOS cannot.
2.UNIX is more secure than DOS.
3.UNIX can multitask while DOS cannot.
4.UNIX is case sensitive while DOS is not.
5.UNIX uses forward slashes while DOS uses backslashes.
6.UNIX is mainly used in servers while DOS is used in embedded systems.


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