Monday, October 17, 2011

Development Status and Suggestions of Finance Leases in China ...

?Abstract? Finance leases founded in Unite States in 1950s with just 60 years history till now. It is a financial service innovation; its main feature is the form of financial property to achieve the purpose of financing. Finance lease played a very important role on the U.S. post-war rapid economic growth, therefore is also reference to other countries, used by many companies. Finance leases is becoming one of the five financing tools; its share of international equipment investment is second only to bank credit. In China, finance leases started at the beginning of reform, it be used to introduce foreign capital and equipment. However, in last three decades, finance leases in China was disproportionate with the booming economy and its development fluctuated.This thesis starts from the comparison of the development status of finance leases both in the worldwide and in China, investigates the main reason restricting the development of finance leases in China and then combines the domestic actual situation with overseas experiences, then puts forward the suggestion on the present finance leases development in China. It is presented mainly by narrative and supplemented by data such as charts, graphs and diagrams, and also comparative analysis, case analysis and my own experience of financial work. The suggestions proposed are operational and it possesses the practical significance to promote the development of financial development in China.Basic concept and function of finance leases are introduced firstly, illustrates the difference between finance leases and other financing instruments, introduces the unique advantages of finance leases to the economic activity from the macro and micro aspects, and then the special effects of finance leases on economic development are highlighted, It showed that the prosperity of finance leases will push the booming economy in China.In the second part, this article outlines the development of finance leases in the worldwide and in China.In the third part, legal system, regulatory system and tax system of finance leases will be discussed and compared and the problems in finance leases development of China are to be analyzed.In the forth part, suggestions on the development of finance leases in China are proposed.Firstly, to straighten the regulatory order, make sure that Commerce Department is the executives and coordinate, guide, manage and serve according to China?s national condition, then the whole finance leases is supervised appropriate.Secondly, legislation should be strengthened. Finance Leases Law should be issued as soon as possible and finance leases should be defined.Thirdly, the policy support for finance leases should be strengthened. The three kinds of support that need to be strengthened now is to formulate more preferential tax policies for finance leases, set up the credit insurance mechanism for finance leases and strengthen the support form the credit policy for finance leases.The third and the fourth part are key sections. The analysis about the problems finance leases faces is valuable and the suggestion is pragmatic and I hope it can be referenced in the formulation of government macroeconomic policy. I hope this thesis is meaningful for the development of finance leases and the finance leases will promote the economic development.

Title: Development Status and Suggestions of Finance Leases in China
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