Saturday, February 9, 2013

Twitter searches to finally include tweets older than one week

Twitter has developed a way to bring up tweets older than a week in searches, potentially putting an end to a common frustration among users.

Up until now, searches conducted on the Twitter website (or through Twitter apps) brought up only recent tweets, making it difficult for users to discover anything that was posted more than a week ago. But on Thursday, Paul Burstein, a Twitter engineer working on the service's search infrastructure, explained in a post on the official Twitter blog that changes to searchs will be rolled out "over the coming days."

Burstein adds that search results will still only "represent a fairly small percentage of total tweets ever sent," but that Twitter will be "steadily increasing this percentage over time." (Perhaps one day we'll be able to search every tweet ever posted? One can only hope.)

The move to expand the search feature follows the announcement of a tool allowing users to download their full Twitter archive. Access to this tool began gradually rolling out at the end of 2012.

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