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Ticket #10468 - Trac Hacks

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[patch] Compatibility with 0.11

Reported by: ChrisNelson Assigned to: thomasd
Priority: high Component: GroupTicketFieldsPlugin
Severity: normal Keywords:
Cc: rjollos, falkb Trac Release: 0.11


add_script_data.patch (2.7 kB) - added by ChrisNelson on 10/11/12 18:42:54.
Patch to add add_script-data() to 0.11.6
Trac0.11.6.patch (0.7 kB) - added by ChrisNelson on 10/11/12 20:07:50.
Patch to plugin to work with Trac 0.11.6

Change History

10/11/12 18:42:54 changed by ChrisNelson

  • attachment add_script_data.patch added.

10/11/12 20:07:50 changed by ChrisNelson

  • attachment Trac0.11.6.patch added.

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