Monday, October 1, 2012

Financial Management: Green automobiles makes and models and ...

When talking about green cars, most people automatically go to Hybrids. They were the first on the market to catch the public eye. They were also very expensive initially. The difference in price between a standard combustion engine model and a hybrid use to be an additional 15 to 20% for the sticker price. That kept many people from going green. Add to that most insurance plans base their premiums on the MSRP of a car and it took a number of years to recoup your original purchase and insurance from not going to the pump. Now the times have changed.

There are more makes and models qualifying as green cars, and many of them will surprise you. Even better many insurance companies are offering 10% discounts on car insurance quotes to green cars owners (more exactly on the annual premium). What is a green car?

A green car has more to do with its carbon footprint than what fuels it. A green car minimizes its impact on the environment. The green car category contains: hybrids, natural gas, electric, and high efficiency combustion engine using either diesel or gasoline. Hybrids tend to be some of the most expensive models of the green cars, and are offered in the luxury class. However, the motor companies have been developing mid-class hybrids like the Ford Fusion hybrid, Honda Civic Hybrid, and the Toyota Camry hybrid. The 10% insurance discount helps to offset the cost difference between the hybrid and non-hybrid model allowing for you to see your at the pump savings accrue faster.

If you want to take advantage of the 10% discount there a number of reasonably priced electric only cars. The prices on these models are dropping as new battery technology comes down in price and more outlets for recharging becomes available at roadside stations.

If you want the comfort of a regular car but still stay green then you can opt for the minis , micros and high fuel-efficient models. Fiat's 500, Honda Fit, Toyota Yaris, For Fiesta, and Nissan Versa qualify as green and got high ratings for safety and repair costs by the Insurance Institute For Highway Safety.

So think over the idea of getting a green car. It turns that insuring such a vehicle becomes for affordable. Remember to ask to apply the green car insurance discount. Then go out and test-drive the different models that fit your budget and way of life.


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