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7 Tips To Gain More Twitter Followers - Affiliate Marketing Guides

Blog owners, online marketers, and businesses set up Twitter accounts for different reasons. Mainly however, they use it for brand awareness, exposure, and attract traffic to their websites. But in order to effectively use Twitter for these purposes, you have to gain more followers.

Getting your first hundred followers is already hard enough. What more if you?re aiming for hundreds or thousands more? This does not mean it?s impossible though. Many business owners and blog writers have successfully grown their Twitter followers with a few simple strategies.

Promote your Twitter throughout the web. Advertise it on your website with a badge. Promote it on your other social networks like Facebook and Google+. When writing a guest post, link wheel, or any content outside of your blog or website, ask people to follow you on Twitter by posting a direct link from the author?s by-line. Some blogs even allow you to leave comments using your Twitter username; use this opportunity to further expose your account. If you participate in forums, link to your Twitter from your profile.

Optimize your Twitter profile. Sign up for a username based on the brand you want to be known for. It could be your real name, business name, or a product you?re marketing. Create a short but concise description of your business on the profile description and don?t forget to link back to your website!

Join #FollowFriday or #FF. As soon as the clock strikes midnight and it becomes officially Friday on your time zone, use these two hashtags on Twitter along with a tag related to your niche (i.e. #Android, #Technology, #Blogging). Promote your own Twitter profile as well as others who belong to the same niche by mentioning them in the tweet. Apart from tweeting your own recommendations, retweeting other people?s #FF tweets will also help. That?s because they are likely to return the favor and thus, tweet your recommendations to their followers.

Use hashtags. Each time you tweet, use an appropriate hashtag. If you are sharing an article you wrote about internet providers for example, you can use the #IP and #internet as hashtags. Hashtags make it easier for people to find Twitter users who share or cater to their interest.

Stand out. Each tweetis restricted to 140 characters ? including spaces. Use this limit to establish your online personality. Be fun, witty, and controversial all at the same time. Learn to get your message across in as little as 140 characters. You want to be promotional but at the same time, not sound like a spam bot.

The ?follow back? strategy. Add people who blatantly declare that they follow back users who follow them. They usually use the hasthag #TeamFollowBack. You can also use auto-follow softwares to find people who share the same interests. These programs are designed to automatically follow them. In turn, they will likely follow you back.

Buy your followers. There are numerous Twitter marketing firms that sell user lists for a price.

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