Saturday, November 12, 2011

Sony Hopes To Debut ?A New Form Of Television?

Sony CEO Howard Stringer isn't in an enviable position. The company has had a rough few years, and expects to lose a cool billion dollars in the fiscal year ending in March 2012. The TV business, in particular, has been a millstone around his neck; the price of TV, very much a commodity, has gone down steadily for years, and the poor economy has driven people towards budget brands and smaller sets if they buy anything at all. Despite this, Stringer is philosophical about the hard times.

You have bad years," he told the Wall St Journal. "The trick is to weather them, learn from them, act graciously through them, and learn why and when you have to change." And the TV market is ripe for real change, but whether they can make a better change than their new adversary in there, Apple, is up in the air.


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