Sunday, March 3, 2013

Video: Anchors try working out, Jedi-style

>>> this might not be a galaxy far away, but plenty out on the plaza this morning. the golden gate knights are a san francisco -based group that combine martial arts with the fun of being a jedi knight in light saber classes. we call them jedi masters. daniel, matthew, and frank are here to tell us how to fend off the dark side with some light saber training.

>> oh!

>> wow.

>> first of all, guys, this looks like a lot of fun, but something technical to all of this.

>> choreography and martial arts .

>> i founded this after having ten years of fencing and martial arts and theater experience. he is a black belt . owns west coast hollister martial arts . we put together a system which basically is a saber combat system. i'm nova star, and he's king.

>> people put this together.

>> we actually have a lot of people that come to this from various background. this is something that anyone who has an adult or childhood fantasy of being a jeda jedi snooi inci kn ight, this is a dream come true.

>> the ladies are ready.

>> let's go ahead and get started. face off with a partner, okay? want to be with lester over there. first thing we do will learn how to hold the saber at the choke point. and now when are you not using your blade, make sure it's in a vertical position, not like this where you can hit someone like that. let's try a basic stance like this. if you are right handed, right foot forward, and left foot will be at a 45 degrees angle, angle your saber at your partner, drop the blades like so. hold your hands like you mean it, and let's work on basic targets to simplify it. we break the target area -- don't you kill me now. we break the targets into three sections. low targets. block for me. block low. block low, and then to the arms in the middle. middle. in the middle and finally to the head. be safe, don't hurt anybody.

>> one hand or two hands?

>> it's up to you. you can use them both.

>> we will go two low, in the middle, excellent and up high and now if you like, you can spin your saber step aside and pose with your fearsome death look.

>> erica, did you get this?

>> the only down side, have you all the moves.

>> you can do it. channel your sports energy. beautiful.

>> that's it.

>> and then.

>> how much martial arts do you train? is this similar to it?

>> similar in some ways, but basically we're simulating the illusion of hitting someone. we want the illusion of danger, not actual danger.

>> this is more like dancing than it is trying to hurt someone.

>> this is like jenna and the first lady.


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