Friday, March 8, 2013

Samsung Galaxy S III Android 4.2.1 screenshot leak teases 'Smart scroll' and 'Smart pause' features

Samsung Smart scroll, Smart pause leak

Just days after a report claimed that Samsung's Galaxy S IV will include a new feature that will automatically scroll content by tracking a user's movement, a batch of screenshots have leaked out that appear to support the rumors. SamMobile has posted?a handful of screenshots from an Android 4.2.1 ROM for the Galaxy S III, and included in the images is an entry for "Smart scroll." The feature is described as something that will automatically scroll the screen if the phone detects that you're looking at it. Other screenshots show that users will be able to select the speed at which the screen scrolls as well as which apps that they want the feature to be enabled in.

The Smart scroll feature isn't the only new piece of functionality that's been tipped off by today's leak. One of the screenshots also mentions a new "Smart pause" feature that will purportedly pause a video when the device determines that the user moves his or her head away from the screen.

While these new "Smart" features were found in a Galaxy S III ROM, SamMobile's source claims that they'll also be present in the Galaxy S IV when it launches. The new features tipped by today's leak appear to be an expansion of the "Smart" functionality that Samsung introduced last year with the Galaxy S III, such as the "Smart Stay" feature that will prevent the device's screen from locking when a user is looking at it. We've heard previously that Samsung is focusing heavily on introducing new special features for the Galaxy S IV, and so it wouldn't be a surprise to see Sammy expand upon it's "Smart" functionality with new stuff like "Smart pause" and "Smart scroll." Now we just have to wait for the features to roll out so we can see how they actually perform. Do these new features sound like something that you'd use on your device?

Via SamMobile


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