Monday, January 28, 2013

The Decayed & Blooming Blossoms

Kyo's alarm went off and he woke up growling. He stared at the white wall and got up. Getting dressed he slowly walked to the bathroom. Washing his face and then looking the mirror and sighing. He felt sore today and just wanted to sleep more. But he had to get up this was important and work related. He finished in the bathroom and got his keys. Walking to the door he slipped his boots on and sighed again.The opening the door and heading down the stairs. He then felt his mouth was dry and unpleasent.Kyo stood there at the vending machine waiting for his drink. He pulled it out when it was dropped in the slot. He grabbed it and then walked off.

The sun was still rising and the tips of the skyscrapers where glowing orange. Kyo looked at his watch and then stopped at the corner of the sidewalk. He then looked up and then crossed the street. It was a bit of a headache to those knew to Tokyo. The busy streets and loud sounds coming from just about everywhere.Kids yelling crying music playing and people yelling and laughing. He made his way around people and past shops heading to Die's place. Today was the day they would be coming up with new songs. It been a while and the band has been on a long break. But fans where getting worried about there absent. So the staff and the members have been starting to get back to work. Kyo got to a back ally and walked down it heading to a gate. He rang the door bell and the gate unlocked. He then headed down the path and then up metal stairs leading to Die's apartment.

Die opened his door and smiled and let Kyo in." want anything ?" He asked and smiled heading to the Kitchen. Kyo shook his head and then sat on the couch. The others would be here soon so Die left the door open a bit. Getting himself a red bull and joining Kyo. It was quiet as they sat there not saying a word. It was early and they both seemed sleepy still. Die then spoke" so how you been? its been a while you haven't been answering my texts or calls". Kyo looked at him" yah sorry...been busy and not feeling like talking much those messages keep coming...its pissing me off". Kyo said almost loosing his temper but calmed down. " ya just ignore them....little punks are just writing them to get us upset...there nothing Kyo...let them go". He smiled and looked at his phone and then to the door


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