Monday, January 28, 2013

sassy or classy: does your wit get in the way? | O.C. Tanner

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You?re quick.?You?ve?got a great sense of humor. And within an instant you can make even the stodgiest people crack a smile or chuckle. But is it working for you at work?

Experts agree humor in the workplace is typically beneficial?alleviating stress, building morale, and even for career advancement. However,?we?ve?all worked with someone whose sass was actually crass. Sure, the late comedienne Phyllis Dillar was funny? unless you were the butt of her joke.

Answer these questions to find out if your humor is helping or hurting you at work:

  1. ?Are my jokes at someone else?s expense?
  2. Am I self-deprecating?
  3. Would my grandmother be offended?
  4. Would my boss think highly of my humor?
  5. Would I tell the joke to leadership?
  6. Do people take me seriously?
  7. Why am I using humor to engage?

There?aren?t?any right or wrong answers to the questions above. However, if (even for a second) you paused and felt an eerie nausea in your stomach, then it?s time to either ?write some new material? for the workplace, or stop eating at ?Al?s Atomic Taco Emporium? for lunch.


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