Monday, September 26, 2011

Should Apple Make Their Own Gaming Console/s ? - Technology ...





I would definitely love it if Apple makes a Gaming Console and i?ll tell you why.

When Apple launched the first iPod Touch (a.k.a iPod Touch 1G) it was a revolution.

When Apple launched the first iPhone (a.k.a iPhone 1G/2G) it was honestly a revolution.

When Apple launched the iPad it was a bigger revolution.

So on and so forth.



If they launch a Gaming Console for eg. iGame?

They will be on the top of the world.


If they accept games like Angry Birds on it baby will they be richer and more popular.

They could have the App Store in it, make it run a special OS just for that, have OTA Sync, download games on it, use CD?s for games, use Pen Drives/Thumb Drives for games, play it from your iPhone,? etc.


It would be HUGE if they launch a Gaming Console?

But what about the bad parts?


The price, the price of the games (if different), the competitors, the problems they might have with it, what color it is available in, what parts of the world it is available and when? etc.


The list keeps getting bigger and bigger for the Pros And Cons.


But the way i see it,


Should they honesty from my point of view launch a Gaming Console?


Yes they should, I think if Apple thinks about it sensibly they can honestly get a Gaming Console out THIS YEAR :O


But it all depends on Mr. Tim Cook.

As he is the new CEO of Apple it all comes down to him if he agrees on this idea.


For eg.

Look at the Apple TV.

It was and still is quite a BIG hit, the Mac-Mini, iPod Nano, Shuffle etc.



Apple could make a Console which combines a Gaming Console and the Apple TV it will be their biggest and best improvement and achievement.

I don?t want to be bias or anything but,

Look at Sony, Nintendo, and all.


Sony came out with the PS2 (a.k.a Playstation 2), PS3, the PSP Go, PSP 1000, PSP 200, PSP 3000.

They are popular because of their gaming consoles?

Nintendo has the Wii, The Gamecube, The 3DS, The Nintendo DS, Nintendo DSi, etc.


There are so many things each individual company is good at and if Apple joins the league of the Gaming Consoles market it will always just be Apple, Apple And Apple.

Sony and Nintendo will be ?THRASHED??


Like RIM,

They started off with phones?

Then when they saw how popular Apple was getting with the iPad they decided to make one, minus the problems that the iPad had.

They only made it worse.

They made the Playbook which some love and some hate.

I am one of them who absolutely hate it.



Gaming Consoles are very famous amongst the young ages between 10-16+

There are some adults who i know who are big-time fans of Gaming Consoles.



If you are reading this,

I say -

?It is necessary that you make a gaming console so everyone can enjoy and you become more and more popular?





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