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Who?! 'HIMYM' fans react to big mom reveal


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"How I Met Your Mother" viewers finally met the mother (Cristin Milioti) Monday night.


"How I Met Your Mother" viewers finally met the mother (Cristin Milioti) Monday night.

After eight seasons and 184 episodes, it finally happened: Fans of "How I Met Your Mother" met the mother!

It's the answer to a mystery that's had viewers guessing since the beginning, but as it turned out, none of them guessed correctly. That's because the woman in question wasn't one of the many likely candidates they've seen over the years.

In fact, she's still only known as The Girl With the Yellow Umbrella (played by actress Cristin Milioti).

So what do faithful fans of the show think of Ted's big reveal now that they've seen it? Well, it seems it wasn't a very happy Mother's Day for them.

"Sad, as he waited all those years for THAT???" viewer Alan Weinraub posted to TODAY Entertainment's Facebook page.

Brian Petit agreed, writing, "7 years wasted..."

According to Kevin Scott Lee, the reveal really should have happened back "in season 4 when Ted dated her roommate."

While some complained about the poor payoff after such a long wait, others were just happy that the event marks the beginning of the end.

"Thank God it'll be over," Julie Wray wrote. "Wasn't funny after the first season."

Of course, it won't be over right away. Monday's episode was the season finale, not the series finale. There's still one more season to go, wherein viewers will get to know mom a little better. Not that everyone wants to know this mom better.

Sharon Palmer admitted her "hope is still for Robin!!"

And she's not alone. That sentiment was echoed by many on "How I Met Your Mother's" official Facebook page. But at least one fan thought the real mom could please members of Team Robin (and Lily lovers).

"She looks like you tossed Lily and Robin in a bag, shook it up and she fell out," Michele Homeyer posted.

At least there's that.


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